Any Time of the Month? Sure!

Doc Pic

I made a doctor’s appointment the other day.

The next morning  in the shower (why does this stuff come to us in the shower?), a memory came sailing back.

How fast I had forgotten…

For thirty-five years or so, I never made an appointment without first determining what time of the month it would be.

Yes, THAT time of the month.

Remember counting ahead? Trying to figure out when you might be having a period?

Even face

And remember being wrong and needing to change the appointment? 

Grrrr. How annoying!


On the list of menopausal pros and cons, put a happy check mark next to the pros for this one. 

No more periods means no more figuring out when you can and cannot schedule a checkup.

For those of you not there yet, this is a small joy, a simple convenience you have to look forward to.

But in our complicated lives, we thank heaven for menopausal favors.

Happy Faces

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12 thoughts on “Any Time of the Month? Sure!”

  1. A new nurse was working with my DR. on my last appointment. She asked me when my last period was. I was flattered and had a good laugh. Poor young girl didn’t really get it!


  2. So glad I don’t have to worry about that anymore or worry that I started my period and it was on my clothes. Actually I don’t miss anything about having a period except that it means I would be younger!


  3. This is so true! I still have to figure my appointments around my crazy work schedule, but not counting days ahead is a blessing. I have an appointment tomorrow, btw, with a woman who was described as “the one bright spot to menopause.” Hoping she has some good ideas for me!


    1. Leslie,

      If it goes well, how about writing a post with a few or her tips or about the experience? We don’t have to use her name if that doesn’t suit her or you, but I think a post about a doc visit, her bedside manner, etc. would be wonderful.


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