Bodyololgy: A Giveaway!

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A post by Kelly Burton of Bodyology:

A woman’s thirties is a special time. After the trauma and insecurity that plague our teens and twenties, we finally begin to solidify our sense of self and become more comfortable in our own bodies. Too bad, considering it’s the exact time our bodies begin to hate us!

Hate might be too strong a word, but it at least feels like a revolt. For many women, our thirties is the time we’re introduced to words like acid reflux… biopsy…fibroid…ovulation kit (what the heck’s an ovulation kit).My 30s made its grand entrance with a lovely little condition called thyroid disease.

After a slew of crazy symptoms which I casually ignored, I finally followed up on that enlarged thyroid my doctor had mentioned a year prior to learn I’d developed Grave’s Disease (to which several of my friends and family later told me ‘I knew that ’because apparently I looked so awful).

I was quickly put on medication which leveled out my thyroid and most of my symptoms. The only one that refused to leave was what I like to call, “the heat”.

No matter how hot or cold it was I would sweat, not just under my arms, but in my back, under my breasts and in “other” places I dare not mention on a public blog.

I know it’s generally believed that menopausal women are the only ones who have bouts with “the heat,”but just about any type of shift in body chemistry can result in excessive perspiration.

My job required I do a lot of public speaking, and I couldn’t even concentrate for fear of sweating through my clothes. I needed something to wear under my clothing to keep me from sweating clear through them. I’m a social scientist by profession, so I decided to go where I go for all my deep, probing research – Google!

What I found was a whole bunch of nothing.

While there were a few undergarment lines dedicated to sweat, the styles were unflattering and the options limited. I then went to the department stores, and again, no luck. Therefore, I ultimately decided to start my own intimate apparel line called Bodyology.

Bodyology is a six-style (3 tops and 3 bottoms) moisture management apparel line designed to protect women’s clothes from sweat.

Our products infuse wicking and anti-bacterial technology, which facilitate the drying process while reducing odor.

We’ve paid special attention to the design of our garments, wanting to ensure that they not only work, but make women look and feel amazing while doing it. To learn more about Bodyology, visit

We officially launched in January and it has been an interesting experience. Perhaps the most gratifying part of it all is that women constantly approach me, whispering softly…”Oh my God, I sweat too”. To which I simply reply, “Welcome to the other side of womanhood.”

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Giveaway! Bodyology, the first full-body women’s moisture management intimate apparel line is offering one lucky winner The Cosmo – their popular scoop neck undershirt. The top comes in black or tan. To enter, please leave a comment by April 25 saying why you think Bodyology might be helpful for you. Contest is open to U.S. and international readers.  Thanks, Kelly and Bodyology!  (To find where to click on comments, go to the very bottom of the post.)


Kelly Burton, PhD is a social scientist and experienced entrepreneur.  While growing her successful research consulting firm in Atlanta, Ga, she developed thyroid disease which caused her to experience persistent sweats. After being unable to find modern, feminine garments that she could wear beneath her clothes, Kelly created Bodyology – the first full-body intimate apparel line dedicated to protecting women’s clothes from sweat.  To learn more about Bodyology, visit

35 thoughts on “Bodyololgy: A Giveaway!”

    1. Lisa, since developing Bodyology I have so much more confidence because I’m no longer in constant fear of sweating through my clothes. It’s definitely made a difference for me.


  1. Kindred spirits. I have sleepwear covered but day wear is an issue for sure! Lovely web site and photos. The products are priced competitively and any ‘hot’ woman would love to give an item or two a try is my opinion. Is there a cotton crotch in the leggings?


    1. Hi Haralee, great question. No, there’s no cotton in the crotch area though we went back and forth on that while designing the leggings. We’d love any feedback on potential pros and cons you might have. To date, the Siren (long leggings) is our most popular bottom. People LOVE them and want to wear them as regular leggings, though we reiterate that they are undergarments. Go figure.


    1. Thanks, Ronnie. It’s been a great experience. I’ve learned so much and met a lot of women who’ve been suffering in silence or finding makeshift solutions to the problem. My hope is that it will make a difference for other women the same way it has for me.


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