Cancelled! You Heard it Here!




News flash!

Menopause is cancelled.

You heard if first on Friend for the Ride.

All those symptoms.


I got it straight from a Menopause Fairy.



And she got it directly from the Menopause Queen.

So toss your menopausal woes to the April winds!

The bad news is you will now be having your period for the rest of your life.


But your skin will glow,

Your bones won’t creak,

And you’ll sleep like you are sixteen.


Menopause is


No fooling!

I think, in some ways, I’m going to miss menopause.

What about you?

32 thoughts on “Cancelled! You Heard it Here!”

  1. Haha. Happy April 1st to you, too! Nope, I’ll keep menopause. I’ve been waiting for it for years. Periods be gone!


  2. PS Since it is April Fools – has anyone experienced the mental clarity written about by Dr. Northrup..paraphrasing badly – the veil of estrogen lifted from our brains leaving clearer thoughts..?


    1. I might say that I have in some ways. When I was in the midst of it, I stopped writing. Tons of self-doubt. Now I’m writing away. Memory-wise I am definitely on the downside, but brain wise in other ways, I feel more energetic and I suppose yes, somewhat clearer.


  3. I was all “YAY!” until you said I was going to have my period for the rest of my life. Fark that!


  4. Lol, thanks for the paradigm shift 🙂 Interesting how towards the end, the symptoms go crazy…mood swings, insominia, PMS, heavy period, etc…kinda helps make saying goodbye “really easy”!


    1. Reminds me of my theory on teenagers. If they were as sweet as say a six month old or a six year old, you wouldn’t be able to let them go as easily as you can when they are teens (go to college or move out that is). Not go out of your life completely.


  5. For a while perhaps we thought that there was a menopause fairy in the form of HRT, but like most fairy stories the reality was rather different!

    Now if someone could just wave a magic wand and we could go from being fully fertile to post menopausal overnight, then that would be something magical. Having to cope with ‘Aunt Flo’s’ occasional and unpredictable visits, while getting use to the menopause queens ‘gifts’ can be a bind!


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