Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Two!

paris - ladies room

When I announced my Ladies Room Door Art Series, reader Nancy Espersen bopped these photos out to me toute suite!  Above is a bathroom in Paris (not sure this is officially a “door,” but it counts).

paris - ladies

And Miss Fancy Pants  resides in Luxembourg Gardens. Photos were taken by Nancy’s niece Caitlin.


Nancy took this photo (with the bathroom signs to the right) at Monet’s Garden in Giverrny.

kensington palace - orangery tea room - Sept 2007 - keypad bathroom

And here’s the scoop straight from Nancy on the door above:

“Here is one from Kensington Palace – The Orangery Tea Room. I had just finished a lovely tea and asked my server where the rest room was located.  It is outside the restaurant, around the corner in the garden.  Notice the keypad to the right of the door – you need to know the special code to enter (which the server or hostess will give you if you ask)  I guess I didn’t ask the right question (just where it was located, not for the code)  So I waited until someone came out and then snuck in : )”

From Patti Winker,  two photos she snapped at the airport in Hawaii a few years ago.


A bit of equal time for the men.


From Lisa Watts, the door of the ladies room at Dock Street Oyster Bar in Wilmington, North Carolina.

BA door

Below, the Blue Heaven in Key West, Doors One and Two. Photos by Yours Truly.

Key West

Blue Heaven

And below, the door at the famous Sloppy Joe’s in Key West. Photo courtesy Cliff Younger.

Sloppy Joe's

And last but not least, from Janet Thoromon:

Janet's Door

Thanks to our photographers for the wonderful ladies room door shots.

Let’s keep the series going. Send in your photos one and all!

16 thoughts on “Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Two!”

  1. Great idea! Fun doors & signs, esp. the last one. Guess I’ll need to have my camera at the ready next time I head to “the loo”.


  2. I like the last one too!
    I’m not a great fan of ‘Unisex’ loos either, but one place I used to work had one unisex loo on the third floor and separate ladies and gents on the ground floor. We had an unwritten rule (generally observed) that the unisex one was strictly ‘liquids only’!


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