Silver Screen?

So tell the truth.

Would you like to be a movie star?

I’ll go first.

Yes. I would.

I love reading how stars immerse themselves in the part. Before the filming even begins, they live in the shoes of their character through research and role-playing. How fun to dump the garbage or go to the dentist as someone else.

But I’ve read that sometimes during the actual shooting, stars have to immerse themselves in cold water. It might look like summertime on the film, but it wasn’t.

That I would hate.  Brrrr.

Maybe the water is this scene in From Here to Eternity was freezing cold. Maybe Deborah Kerr isn’t having as much fun with Burt Lancaster as we think.


But still, all in all, being a movie star seems like amazing work. (And it comes with a makeup artist and wardrobe!)

Part of the menopause experience is the giving up of old dreams while reaching for new ones.

Don’t think I will make it in Hollywood (especially since I never tried). Going to toss that dream into the Old Dreams File.

Now you tell!

Would you like to be  a star of the Silver Screen?

Watch the short film above by Phillip Scott Johnson as you mull.

Check out the list of actresses here.

And here are some Friend for the Ride stars.


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20 thoughts on “Silver Screen?”

  1. I would rather be a movie director.Sandy kisses and running in and out of the water and breath issues, I am not a very good actress. Let me give direction and I am all in!

    1. I had to direct my own wedding rehearsal because the pastor didn’t come home from the beach until the day of the wedding. (Which in retrospect, should have made me more nervous). Anyway the groom and the maid of honor said I was VERY bossy. I will say the wedding went off without a hitch the next day.

      I bet you’d make a great director. I’ll be your assistant!

    1. Cliff once told me, after a haircut that wasn’t so great, that I reminded him of Meryl in Silkwood (when her character was very ill). But I can see the resemblance with you. Love Meryl!

      1. As I recall, there were several comments at Laura’s wedding about your resemblance to Meryl Streep–the glamorous version, not the “Silkwood” one (Cliff!)

  2. Which Lisa win insoles? Was it me? Should I be checking the mail?

    No, I wouldn’t want to be a movie star. Too many paparazzi waiting for you to look horrible or do something wrong!

  3. Nope. Not this time. Sorry that’s unclear. I often don’t have last names and hesitate to use them without permission anyway. I always email the winners before I post. But I bet you’ll win something soon!

  4. I’ll settle for being a published author of a dynamite YA historical novel! I laughed when I found out that my mother’s dream was to be a model. Going through her pic albums from high school I found several cheesecake pictures. Talk about dreams!!

  5. Didn’t Gwenith Paltrow just say how hard it was being a movie star with a family? I don’t know, I think I could handle it, but that train left the station a long time ago 🙂 ps I was told I looked just like Hayley Mills as a kid, the original Parent Trap actress. I wonder what happened to her career?

    1. Wow that was interesting, thanks! Basically she was 21 when she married a 50+ yr old and pretty much stayed in the Disney machine when she wasn’t in London. It’s too bad really, but then again our age group spanned that divide of women who marry vs women who work. Very few could do it all successfully back then, Lucille Ball comes to mind.

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