A Jumble of Jewelry (and a Giveaway!)




There’s something in those menopausal hormones that whispers (or shouts): “Get organized.”

I’ve heard it from lots of women. The need to pare down. To put in order. To simplify.

Which brings me to the issue of my jumble of jewelry.

Are you in the same boat?

Years of necklaces, earrings, rings, watches, bracelets, and pins. Some valuable. Some costume. Some dainty. Some chunky and arty.

And all in a jumble.

Necklaces are a pain because they tangle.

Earrings because they clump together and often lose their partners.

Rings because they’re tiny and easily disappear (and are often the most treasured, creating panic when they go missing).

Watches, pins, and bracelets aren’t so bad, but storage isn’t easy for any of them.

And so, on my summer task list: Tackle my jumble of jewelry.


As I dig into this project, some of my rings will go on the kitty ring holder  you see below, a gift from Umbra. Umbra’s goal is to bring innovative new products to the market in response to the ways people are living today. They emphasize design, function, and fun. Take a minute and watch the video!

Giveaway: Umbra is offering ring holders to five lucky Friend for the Ride readers. To enter, please leave a comment by June 15. (I can’t promise if you’ll win a kitty, a bunny, or a giraffe. ) Thanks, Umbra!






Umbra features lots of other ring holders. The Eiffel Tower would make me feel like I was back in Paris.

And for storing other jewelry, I especially like the Tuck Storage Box and the Canopy Jewelry Stand

Check out Umbra’s other cool storage items on their website.

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  1. Oh goodness can I relate. I feel like my jumbled jewelry is a direct reflection of my scrambled thoughts! Currently everything finds its home in a large flat abalone shell. At least the holder is pretty!

  2. They have some really great stuff. I have one of their Conceal floating book shelves next to my bed holding my books – love it!

  3. These are so cool! Love the floating book shelf, too. Any ring holder would be wonderful to win! What a generous offer from Umbra. I’m glad to know about them.

  4. I try to keep my earrings organized in one of these boxes divided into little squares– it mostly works. I have another box for bracelets, one for pins, and have very few necklaces or rings. Now that I’m not working outside the home, I find I where the same things all the time. I could easily get rid of most. My sister has made jewelry from odd earrings, etc. — it’s awful when something is lost!
    Good luck sorting!

  5. I recently organized my earring with buttons. I put the ear wires through a button hole and put a back on them. So one pair per button. Then they are always together and when you take them out to put them on, you have the rubber back right there to slip on so you don’t lose an earring. I hang my larger necklaces over the neck of a hanger in my closet. But it never fails that the one you want is on the bottom of a mess of necklaces. So it really isn’t a good solution. I too need to weed out all my jewelry and closets, etc.

    • The ring holders are even prettier in real life. I especially upset Cliff when I lose earrings he gave me. Found a pair of gold rabbits that have been missing for years, so they are back in the earring rotation. (Well I don’t really have a rotation-not that organized.)

  6. Several years ago I bit the bullet and bought a big and nice leather jewelry box. It holds my everyday jewelry. I also have a variety of little ceramic dishes and plates purchased on trips that I put some jewelry in. They are pretty but it can be messy looking. Then I have a drawer that is a jumble of the rest! Jewelry is so fun and hard to get rid of. Good luck!! Thanks for this website. I will check it out.

    • I have a box but it gets messy and doesn’t work for earrings and necklaces, but I’ll keep searching. I think women who have large bathrooms/ dressing rooms are lucky because they have more space for necklace trees (Umbra has some cool ones) etc.

  7. I bought my sister the Umbra ring holder that looks like her claw foot bath tub. Barbara, have you seen the Eiffel Tower one? It’s right up your allée!

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