A Shadow of My Former Self


Menopause messes with your mind…

Whirls and twirls those old brain waves

And shoots out changes in attitude, perspective, and personality.

Some changes just happen.

Some are more deliberate, prompted by an increase in zest, courage, and confidence.

A week ago, my friend Judy Brown sent me this quotation about conscious changes:

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want
to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”

– Deepak Chopra

As a younger woman, I might not have gotten this.

I thought you had to react in the old ways.

If someone makes you mad, yell. If someone hurts your feelings, cry. If someone refuses to cooperate, sulk.

But I tried Deepak’s advice this week.

It works!

Keeping it up will be the challenge.

But this leopard is willing to change her spots.

I want to live as a taller, more reflective and loving shadow of my former self.

What about you?

Any techniques for tossing past ways of handling life and embracing new ones?

For another post on menopausal change, visit the smiling, flying leopard on this post.


I took this shadow selfie on the beach at Bald Head Island last October.

16 thoughts on “A Shadow of My Former Self”

  1. Wonderful post! Yup…… Good to listen to the old tapes in our head and decide to rewind, wipe clear, mend or toss! Even something seemingly benign like not eating veggies at dinner because you had a huge smoothie for breakfast. I am having fun even figuring out my ruts in life and then choosing another way!!

  2. I think it’s very easy and comfortable to slip into routines at this point in our lives. That’s not all bad. But taking up two new types of exercise (Tae Kwon Do and golf!) has stretched me–even as I still like to get up in the AM and do my little routine as I start my day. It’s good to rethink and sometimes question old ways though too.

  3. Good advice. So easy to not even recognize that we are in a rut! Being mindful – now that we have the children gone and have more time to ourselves – is a great idea. Thanks for the good post!

    1. That’s a hard one. For me I had about two years of weird period stuff and mood stuff, but the lingering effects of menopause, the good and the bad, seem to be part of the new us!

      On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 9:32 AM, Friend For The Ride wrote:


  4. I love the picture on the beach! I really try to be a pioneer of the future but it is often not easy. I have distanced myself from some people because they weren’t going in the direction I want to travel.

    Menopause for me has been a catalyst for action. I was thrown into menopause with breast cancer like most women who have breast cancer and are pre-menopausal, so it became just one more enduring yet not endearing side effect of cancer that I chose to learn about and help others cope.

  5. thanks for that note, Carol. My plan is to not have any emotional issues, LOL! the cycle has gone wonky the last couple of years, but it’s more frequent; with the way the women in my family go, i’m not anticipating full-on menopause for some time to come. (i’m sure saying my plans “out loud” is a sure way to get zapped with more change!)

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