The Bathroom Door Art Series: Part Three!

Bumble and Bumble

Bathroom doors!

What fun!

Especially these super cool doors at Bumble and Bumble in New York City.

Love the names above.

And below, note directions to Bumble’s unisex bathrooms.

Thanks to Jamie Brown, who works there, for the photos. Makes me think going to the ladies room at Bumble is an adventure!
Standing Sitting

And thanks to Candace Allen, for the photo of this lovely door at The World of Beer, Arlington, Virginia.


When we went to our niece Becky’s graduation, I spotted this sign leading to the ladies room at a Lone Star Steakhouse.

Longhorn steakhouse

And this bouncing door at   Beezer’s Bullpen Campus Canteen near the University of South Carolina at Columbia.

Womens Locker Room


As you travel this summer, keep our Ladies Room Door Art Series tiptop in your thoughts. Send me those photos!

Happy summer trails!

PS. Here’s the first post and  the second  post in the series, and the charming Door Lady I met at the park.


5 thoughts on “The Bathroom Door Art Series: Part Three!”

  1. A great series. I will be on the look out this summer in my local travels. There has to be something weird here in Portland that I have come to think as normal.

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