Grandma Update: MY Trucks




In the months before Mazen was born, I was touched to receive some Grandma presents.

Note the set of matchbox trucks and cars above.

Vroom!  Vroom!

Maze is now twenty-two months. My clever grandson has learned to attach “MY” to his nouns.

MY apple.

MY Elmo.

MY shoes.

MY firetruck.

So I tell him these are Grammie’s.

But I’ll share.

I just bought a bigger set. I let Maze help me unpack them.

You can get twenty way cool cars and trucks for sixteen dollars.  That’s less than I pay for Supergoop CC Cream to cover my age spots.


These shiny vehicles are more fun and easier to use than the CC cream too.

The trucks are my favorite, maybe because Maze is now deep into trucks.

“Big truck,” he yells when we spot one on our walks.

I’d like to say it was menopause that sparked my passion for trucks.

How well would that fit with the theme of the blog? Estrogen takes a nosedive, and your enthusiasm for trucks skyrockets.

But no doubt my new found love for trucks was sparked by another M word.

I’m thinking of getting the emergency vehicle set next.

I’ve got to perfect my siren sound first. Maze does a better firetruck than I do.

MY challenge!

MY summer project!

MY new goal!



PS. It’s lucky that Maze can do a great siren. He’ll be playing on this giant firetruck on the playground of his preschool in the fall. Wee-ooo, Wee-ooo.

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  1. For at least a year, when I picked up my eldest once a week from day care, we’d go home and play trucks. He’s outgrown it now– into other things- the little ones still love anything truck. Enjoy! I’m sure you’ll nail the siren sound very fast.

  2. Adorable!! I had all sisters so when my son was born i embarked on a fun and adventurous new journey of trucks and cars and balls and dinosaurs and sports and the list continues. Enjoy!! I see grandsons as a perfect antidote to menopause!!

  3. I remember those truck days! I think one of the first real words Adam said was “tractor”. He would get so excited. No matter how much I tried to remain gender neutral with toys, they both seemed to gravitate towards typical girl and boy stuff. And boys just love noises! Adam would describe everything to me with noises they made. Interesting the difference. If I could do it all over again I would play more with my kids, but I guess now I will have to save the playing for my grandkids–that is if I ever have any.

  4. So sweet Barbara! Caroline is alternately afraid and in love with “diggers.” aka front-end-loaders…there is a new book about where diggers sleep at night by Bryanna Sayres that I bet Maze would love too!

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