MenopauseMop: A Giveaway!



A menopause mop!

How cool is that?

Created by three Hot Flash Sistas!


This is how they describe their innovative mop:


Read the testimonials here!

Check out the colors and designs here.

Giveway: The Hot Flash Sistas are offering a mop to TWO Friend for the Ride readers. Simply enter a comment by September 1 saying that you’d like to be a winner. U.S and Canada only. Thanks, Sistas!

33 thoughts on “MenopauseMop: A Giveaway!”

  1. I’m past the flashes – thank goodness!!! – but I have to say I admire your enterprise and your cause. Keep up the good work!

    1. Lucky you to be past them! My doctor told me I should be past them too, but eight years later, they are still around.

    2. Susan,
      Thanks! We believe that if a woman is going to feel uncomfortable, she might as well look fabulous with her MenopauseMop mopping her brow! Please pass on our website and product!
      Hot Flash Sista,

    1. How lucky that it is just your neck that gets hot! My flashes start at my waste and work themselves up to my neck! My MenopauseMops get a workout!
      Hot Flash Sista,

  2. What a great idea. Why didn’t I think of it. Half the time I’m using my apron or in the case of night sweats, the sheet. It would be great to keep one at my bedside. Would love to have one.

    1. Perfect for bedside table, purse, kitchen draw, somewhere in every room! Much more convenient than an apron..and fashionable, too!
      Hot Flash Sista,

    1. Isn’t it a shame..we need something we don’t want..but the MenopauseMop is preetty awesome if I must say so myself!
      Hot Flash Sista,

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