Jesse the Plumber: A TMI Post


In honor of Labor Day, a post about our plumber. Thanks, Jesse, for all the plumbing emergencies you’ve expertly resolved for us.

Recently Jesse made a house call. Clogged up plumbing line.

The visit  brought back memories of another time Jesse paid a house call and then stood in the same spot in our yard.

Jump back with me twenty-plus years.

That clog was a bad one. Water, the yucky kind, poured into the powder room.

Jesse dug for about an hour. Then he summoned me to the backyard. He poked a brown boot at a huge wad. “Mrs. Younger, these things can’t go down your commode.  Not with the old pipes we’ve got in town.”

“Those things,” were, you guessed it, tampons. Mortification struck my thirty-something soul. “Got it,” was all I could say.

Jump back to now.

This time, the problem was the town’s fault. Yes! Something screwy in their part of the sewage line.

But no matter what, it couldn’t have been tampons. Not in this household. Not anymore.

Score One for menopause.

PS:  Get your plumber talking! Jesse can entertain for hours. His stories aren’t so much about the actual plumbing but the crazy ways people screw up their plumbing. Wowzer.

21 thoughts on “Jesse the Plumber: A TMI Post”

  1. Ouch! I would have died of embarrassment! But you’re right about plumbers. Our rental house had a stopped up toilet. What did a plumber find? A crack pipe the tenant’s teenager had flushed! Tenants gone!!


  2. Amazing what ends up down people’s toilets. The company I work for pumps septic tanks. They find all kinds of stuff–jewelry (our employee says he has made some money from taking the jewelry to the pawn shop!), cell phones, kids toys, false teeth etc., etc. But tampons, condoms, tissues, and even some toilet papers can cause trouble (especially to septic systems). Better to throw some things in the trash. But thank heavens for plumbers and septic workers who are willing to do this kind of work for us.


  3. It’s nice to have people you can all that know you, the house, etc. Don’t miss the tampons for sure.
    We’ve had our share of things tossed in the toilet and embarrassing calls to the plumber.


  4. I learned that that lesson when one of our drains got blocked years ago – it was kind of embarrassing having the drain guy know what type of sanitary protection I used!

    On a similar theme I once had to call an engineer out when my washing machine wouldn’t empty. He soon found the cause – the underwire from one of my bras had caused a blockage in the outlet pipe!


      1. The washing machine guy did say that it wasn’t the first time he’d found an underwire in a machine. I hadn’t even noticed it had gone! Anyway it won’t happen again as I don’t wear underwired bras any longer.

        As for the tampons – I haven’t had to use one for about 6 months now, so fingers crossed I may have finished with those too (although I still have supplies at home, at work and in the car!).


      2. Started my first period in about 8 months this morning – just as well I’d kept a box of tampons in my office drawer!


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