The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Four


Women's Room Door

The latest in our Ladies Room Door Art Series!

I found the door above at Spanky’s. Cliff and I enjoyed lunch there after my first appointment at UNC hospital. The door has a smokey 1930-1940 look.

I discovered the door below at Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom in Chapel Hill. Love the wavy glass.

Chapel Hill Ladies Room Door


I spotted this on my return to UNC Hospital for a post-op check up. The Old Well is a beloved landmark on the university campus.

UNC Women

Daughter Laura and son-in-law Matt flew to  Turkey this summer. “Please find me some doors,” I begged. Laura reports that most looked like the one below.


But Matt got a shot of this one at La Pasion, a restaurant in Bodrum.


Matt’s mom Candace is a loyal blog reader. She photographed this little girl at Rockland’s Barbeque and Grilling Company in Arlington, Virginia.


Candace  found a co-ed door in a New York City bar.


And this ladies room door at the Cisco Brewery on Nantucket.

Nantucket Bar

Here’s the bar’s scary men’s room door!

Men's Room

I ran into this elegant paper sign at the Lazy Days Winnery in Virginia. The owner of the winery is a gynecologist who not only makes wine but raises monkeys. Hmmm. Wish I could snag him for a guest post for Friend for the Ride.

Paper Sign


Another paper sign!

Candace pronounced this the “booby prize” of her latest findings. This door is located at Providence Hospital, Washington, DC. Yikes! Not sure I want to sign up for surgery there any time soon.


Keep your cameras ready when you make a trek to the ladies room, and do send the photos my way. Remember, every trip to the potty is an opportunity to discover an intriguing work of art.


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  1. Occasionally we go for lamb at the Australian style “Outback”, and i enjoyed the signs on the restrooms, “Sheila” and “Bloke”. They’ve renovated the resturants in the chain and you guest it. The doors on the restrooms read—“Men” and “Womem”. How uttery boring.

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