Three Years! Happy Anniversary Friend for the Ride!

Friend for the Ride in the Sand

Happy Three Year Anniversary to Friend for the Ride!

I like to write her name in the sand.

I write yours in the stars because you’re the world’s most wonderful readers.

Since the blog began, with the help of guest posters, I’ve published over four hundred posts. 




Thanks to those of you who leave sparkling and insightful comments. One reader recently wrote me: “Never thought I’d get so hooked on connecting with others this way!”

And thanks to everyone for reading!

Happy fall and on to Year Four…




32 thoughts on “Three Years! Happy Anniversary Friend for the Ride!”

    1. Thanks! Don’t forget we’re going to do a Pumpkin Time post in October. I could use a few lines from you, and then I can put the rest together. I’ll need a good photo of the cover, too and one of you. (and may sneak in one of Maze, too).


  1. I don’t know you but I’m proud of you. Maintaining a blog – dodging criticism and “advice” along the way – is no small task. But after that first couple of years, at least I felt like I’d found a new way to converse and that is a yummy thing about blogging.


  2. Congratulations!

    Friend for The Ride has been a wealth of information, fun, kinship, and I thank you and wish you many,many more blogging milestones!


  3. Yup, I’m hooked!! That is, by definition, I’m engaged and absorbed!

    I’ve also found our “community,” and yes, a “Friend for the Ride”. . . to include all those other “friends” who have pioneered and joined in on Barbara’s journey, and her sweet, smart, and insightful and. . .oh so helpful blog!

    And, this blog may be about “menopause and mid-life,” but I was just thinking, just the other day, it
    doesn’t have to stop or be limited to menopause (indeed, as some of our friends have shown) because all of the things that Barbara writes about are so important to every one of us a group of women who share and will continue to share our experiences as we get older!

    Happy, Happy 3rd Anniversary to “Friend for the Ride,” Barbara!! And, many, many more!!


  4. Happy anniversary! I’ve gotten amusement, insight and practical info during the last three years and look forward to future FFTR posts.


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