ManyPaws! A Menopause Pop-up Book and a Giveaway

Many Paws with Popups

A post by artist  and teacher Susan De Garmo:

When I was about 47 years old, I put some eggs on the stove to boil. I went downstairs to my office to grade papers and before I knew it, I heard explosions coming from my kitchen! I ran up and saw exploded boiled eggs sitting in a pan with no water. Exploding because I left them in there and totally forgot to take them out.

That year when I had my yearly check-up, I told my doctor I thought I was going crazy! I couldn’t remember the simplest things. I was starting to leak when I laughed, I sweated in bed, had hot flashes in the day, my eyesight was getting worse and my middle was spreading!

She patted my hand and told me that I was going through the change. I couldn’t believe what she was saying! At 47 years old I started getting “old.” She handed me a paperback book that she said would help me understand what my body was doing.

That night I relaxed in the tub and picked up the book and began to read. The words were sweet and delicate. “You’re still a woman even though you can’t have babies anymore.”

I couldn’t take it! I tossed it in the trash.

My doctor wouldn’t give me anything to get rid of the symptoms. “It’s perfectly normal,” she said.

So, every day became a new adventure with the symptoms of menopause. Thank God my family still loves me!

Since I couldn’t find a book that shared the in-your-face experiences of menopause and getting older with a bit of humor, I decided one day while teaching my altered book class at a local design college, I would make an altered book on the subject and it would be about my experience.

Why did I come up with that idea? It was freezing cold outside, my head was beet red, sweat was dripping down my face, and my students looked at me like I had a third eye! I just shrugged and pressed on.

I found an old book that had a by-line…the years of change. I took that book and altered it to create  ManyPaws, the Years of Change.

Each week I did a spread in the book.  Depending on what challenges I was going through, that is what I wrote about. We had a show-n-tell in the class every week to show off the work we did in our books. I showed mine to the students and there were lots of “yuck,”“my mom’s doing that,” and sometimes laughter. I wasn’t trying to appeal to them, just critiquing the pages.

At the end of the semester, we had an Altered Book Show. The students and I would have our altered books on display for the faculty, staff , family and friends. Of course, my whole experience with menopause was there for the whole world to see.

It wasn’t long before we heard laughter. Not only from the moms and older women of the college, but from their husbands!
Oh no. I was totally embarrassed, but come to find out, they liked it. The women started telling me their stories and wanted a copy for themselves or to give to their girlfriends.

So my husband and I decided to publish it ourselves and see if the book could really work the way I made it and it did! Not such a bad outcome that started with exploding eggs….in more ways than one!!

To see Susan’s cool book trailer and to purchase ManyPaws and greeting cards taken from its pages,  check out the ManyPaws website.  You can also purchase ManyPaws though this Amazon link.

Here’s the Facebook page!

Giveaway: Susan is giving a copy of ManyPaws to one lucky reader. For a chance to win, simply enter a comment by November 1 saying you’d like to be the winner. U.S. and Canada only. Thanks, Susan!

Many Paws Cover

About herself, Susan writes: 

I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee.  Since I could remember, I had a crayon in my hand, coloring something. I was one of those kids who wanted to learn about anything creative. I sewed, painted, took apart things and put them back together just to see how they were made.  My curiosity always guided me to figure out how things worked.  It still does!

I graduated from Memphis College of Art in 1984 with a BFA  Advertising/ Graphics Design Degree…that was BC….before computers. I started college with two small children and a husband that traveled a lot, so you can imagine what my house looked like! Anyway, being a graphic designer I was able to work from home and be with the kids while my husband was away. I’ve designed gift cards, album covers, invitations, license plates, basically anything except wall paper and  wrapping paper.

For almost eighteen years, off and on, I taught graphic design at a design college. The students wanted me to teach them something that wasn’t on the computer, so I looked around to see what could be interesting.  I stumbled upon altered books (taking old books and making or re-purposing them into something else).

I’ve sewn and designed costumes and painted backdrops for a play, was an art director for a boys magazine, designed the house we live in, won first place from Liberty of London for a quilt I made using their fabrics. (That’s a crazy story!) I also paint!

I married an incredible guy, have two beautiful daughters, two son-in-laws and 5 grands. They are the delights of my life, especially now that they suffered through my weirdness with the “change!”


Susan Headshot

16 thoughts on “ManyPaws! A Menopause Pop-up Book and a Giveaway”

  1. I started going through menopause at about that same age. I didn’t have a lot of physical symptoms, but the mental stuff was horrible. I couldn’t remember a thing! I was driving into town one day and all of a sudden I realized I couldn’t remember where I was going–scared me to death!! I was sure I had Alzheimers. I had many “egg” experiences. And lots of depression. Then one day my mental fog started to clear. I had a few years of reprieve then old age memory loss set in. But for some reason it doesn’t involve the “fog” that took place during menopause or the fear and panic. So for me, I renamed menopause to mentalpause. I would love a copy of your book, but since I am through the pause, I think it would best serve someone experiencing it right now.


  2. What a charming and creative book! I love that Susan makes light of a subject that is “heavy” for so many of us. Taking our experiences and creating something to be shared, authentic and true, is a wonderful thing. I love it…..


  3. Love the exploding eggs story! I, too, have lived through several of those moments – forgetting things on the stove, filling the sink to overflowing, etc. etc. It took me some time to connect the disconnect to “ManyPaws.” I now use a timer for most time-sensitive projects – those where danger lurks – and have all but given up on having candles lit around the house. 😉

    I would also love to win your pop-up book. It sounds fun and inspirational. Thanks for sharing your story and your talent with the masses! I’m headed over now to click on your website and Like your FB page. See you there!

    Thanks, Barbara, for finding and sharing such wonderful women and their creations with us! HUGS to you.


  4. I have to say, that Old Age doesn’t have to be “rusty!”

    As much as I adore the spirit and creativity of this author, when I went to her example book page and saw three women (who look an awful lot like Aunt Bee or worse from the “Andy Griffith Show” riding “pigs?” (okay, maybe wild boars?) on a carousel, (one “lucky lady” got a small horse) my enthusiasm fell fast.

    I’m sure the book is probably very funny, but, something doesn’ t feel good about the associations.

    Susan, can you please tell me what is supposed to be funny about those women? I am probably missing the text or context — so please help!!


    1. Well, as I never heard back from you, I have to say maybe it’s just that some of us (like me) take ourselves too seriously! (Okay, I’m gonna look at that page again maybe from a more enlightened mindset!) I will definitely have to take a second look at your book!

      And, oh, the eggs boiling down on the stove (been there, done that, and thank you for sharing something that so many of us experience and can be so alarming (hopefully we set no fire alarms off)!


      1. Hi Phyllis,

        Would be fun to hear from Susan, but I have a hunch the pigs may be a reference to the expression “When pigs fly.” The pigs in the picture may represent the imagination and the impossibilities we can make real in menopause. Here’s a fun wiki article on flying pigs:

        On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 10:09 PM, Friend For The Ride wrote:



  5. Hi Barbara,

    I truly did not even think of “flying pigs” or “When pigs fly”! How creative of this artist/author in combining this imagery in her book!

    I have just purchased Susan DeGarmo’s book! Just the “therapy” I may need for an overly research-focused mind!


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