Lifescript: Tips from Menopause Bloggers!

Menopause Tips

Lifescript writer Susan Jara put together this collection of menopause tips and life strategies from nine bloggers, including yours truly.

Jara writes, “Often, women who have experienced it have the best tips for managing perimenopause or menopause symptoms.”

That’s for sure! Don’t miss these suggestions for dealing with painful sex, low libido, fatigue, memory loss, mood swings, early perimenopause, feeling old, self-doubt, and weight gain.

Here’s the link to the article.

Thanks to Susan Jara for the article and to Lifescript for providing plenty of excellent information on menopause in their Menopause Health center.  

Lifescript on Menopause


6 thoughts on “Lifescript: Tips from Menopause Bloggers!”

  1. What an interesting article -full of much good advice and tips! I also enjoyed the links to the many bloggers’ websites and writings. There is so much to be learned from all. Loved your advice at the end, Barbara!


  2. Yes, I had a hysterectomy, too. After much suffering in perimenopause, I did receive a hysterectomy that was perhaps in many ways, life-saving. Not an easy time in life for so many of us. But, how great to go on without all of the pain and problems! Maybe we can find out more about women’s experiences with hysterectomy; a topic not often really explored.


  3. These tips are great. I am an early menopause starter — I don’t care what the doctor says. I have been going through them since I turned 35, but they say it is all in my head. Thanks for sharing tips!


    1. I just learned of this book today. Sounds like she has a similar story. I haven’t read the book but you might want to check it out. (The title makes me somewhat uncomfortable though as I’ve been rescued by doctors, most recently as I faced endometrial cancer.)

      Glad you like the tips!


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