Howling at the Moon

Moon Rise

Cliff and I attended a Howl at the Moon Party last week on Bald Head Island.

Red pepper crab soup; appetizers and cookies;  beer; a bagpiper; and sparking conversation with Margot and John, a couple we met at the party, made it a night worth howling about (happy howling, that is).

Then it hit me. I’d never ever seen a moonrise. How’s that for saving some new experiences for your menopausal years?

When I was a little girl, I was terrified of the moon. “No moon!  No moon!” I’d shout. My parents had to close the curtains in my bedroom so not a speck of moon peeked through.

Look at me now! Partying in the moonlight!

We have touchstones in life. The moon is for me, as I suspect it may be for you, one of them. It’s a quirky ball that lives above our heads, and even on a cloudy night or if  it only shows a sliver, it’s there. And when the moon laughs in bright orange or displays cheddar cheese patterns or puts on a show over the ocean, we’re delighted to be among  its admiring earthlings.

During every full moon, Patti Winker’s post, “The Moon and The Menses,” gets lots of views. Here’s the link. Women and the moon go way back!


The ancients believed the moon mirrors the life of a woman: maiden, mother, and crone, the moon in its new, full, and fading forms.


But when I stood on the beach and howled with the others, I didn’t feel like a crone at all.


19 thoughts on “Howling at the Moon”

  1. Oh! I can’t imagine being afraid of the moon and I am so glad you have conquered that fear. And I think the moon can have some “power” over us….perhaps that is what you sensed as a child?! Cheers to the moon above!


  2. I have heard of a lot of fears, but never being afraid of the moon. Wonder how that came about. I love to watch the moon. But I know it affects us in many ways. I worked for six years as a social worker in two different psychiatric hospitals and we could definitely see the affects of a full moon on the patients–and not necessarily in a good way. Then we all know that hospitals are full of women delivering babies on a full moon. So maybe we should all start howling away at the moon–Hey! Sounds like a good reason to have a party each month!


    1. Hi Gail,
      I worked at the front desk of the County Social Services office for some years and have to agree on the affects the full moon. All the social workers moaned and groaned every full moon, knowing what was coming. 😉


  3. What a fun party theme. Must practice howling just doesn’t seem to be on many to do lists but evidently it should!
    Often I get headaches with a full moon, but I do know people can act odd during the ‘crone faze’. I blame the moon on my blog out Monday for a couple of strange encounters.


  4. I can so identify with maybe needing practice in “howling”! Case in point, and although this was in the 70’s, nothing’s really changed for me. I was encouraged by my good friend to go to a “mind-stretching” event in which one would learn about and find their “totem animal,” apparently derived from Native American tradition, in which one finds an animal for which they may have a personal affinity.

    So, the culmination of the seminar was when very intelligent, blue-jean clad, university students were instructed to “get up and become your totem animal, and walk around the room as your totem animal” (Don’t you just love the” 60’s”!?)

    As enthusiastic, neighing horses emerged, and self-contained purring cats obstructed other “animals’” movements around the room, I found myself either walking around making non-descript sounds, or. . . did I actually become a “wallflower”? Can’t recall. But, no howling by me took place!

    So, anyways, I have to say that if that is a picture taken on Bald Head Island, then that is an island “to live for”! I also read that it is a natural habitat for sea turtles and one of the most beautiful birds in North America, the Painted Bunting.

    How fortunate that you live so close to this beautiful place! Enjoy, and howling (accepted, encouraged (?), but not required!! A-woooooooo!


    1. Love totem animal! Don’t you wish you could go back in time and see yourself that day.

      Bald Head is lovely but I’ve yet to see a painted bunting. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep watch.


  5. Thank you, Barbara, for the shout out! 😀 That was sweet.

    When we lived in Florida our condo was situated so we could see the moon rise over the bay. WOW! That sight always amazes me.

    There were often times I’d be driving the grandkids on the road that ran along that bay when the moon was rising, and when the moon was full I’d roll down the windows and tell them it was time to howl at the moon. They may still think I’m a little nuts, but they joined right in. Ha!

    I’m so glad you got over your fear of the moon. Now you can enjoy the full force and pleasure it brings along with the rest of us Lunies. 😉


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