My Cancer Story: Presents!


My friends showered me with presents as I recovered from endometrial cancer surgery this summer. Thank you all again!

At the top of the post, homemade cookies with the world’s most delicious icing. They’re too beautiful to eat, but I gobbled them up faster than I’ll ever admit.

An angel to watch over me, the Tree Angel of Good Health


Earrings made of Italian glass by artist Chris Trienens

Judy's Earrings

Hand cream that smells like heaven

Hand Cream

Delicious fruit

Tony Vitrano Fruit

Soap in a box so lovely I’m displaying it in my powder room


A bee ornament in honor of my childhood nickname, Buzz. She hangs in my kitchen, where she keeps me company with her merry buzzing.


Tea. A balm for body and soul


The Madwoman in the Volvo: My Year of Raging Hormones. What a perfect present for a menopause blogger! Alas, I’d already reviewed Sandra Loh’s book on Friend for the Ride. I’m glad to mail this copy to the first person who requests it. My email is on the right.


Cake! One of my true reasons for living (which my friend knew oh so well)

Lemon Cake

Roses in a lovely shade of pink


The world’s most elegant chocolates from Matthew’s Chocolates here in Hillsborough


A gift card with instructions to purchase reading material for the days I’d spend recovering

Gift Card

A clever tote bag in an Old World print

A blue nightgown, more fit for a princess than this menopausal lady


A novel that helped me pass hours enmeshed in the jungle of the Amazon (and made me very happy to be stuck on my own couch)

State of Wonder

Italian Windows by artist Bill Gramley. When Cliff gave me the picture, he said,”This is in hopes you’ll be fine, and we’ll take that trip to Italy.” I’m ready!


What touched me most about the gifts  is that they’re so different, so creative, and so personal. They gave me lots of ideas for ways to cheer up a sick friend.

Anyone else have a favorite gift you received when you were recovering from illness or injury?

What about a gift you like to give?

32 thoughts on “My Cancer Story: Presents!”

  1. Such thoughtful gifts! I had a friend tell me she appreciated a hand embroidered pillow case she was given that she took with her for chemo after breast surgery. I knit a prayer shawl for a cousin a while back, but in retrospect that seems too depressing…


  2. Love the nightgown. When is middle age a disqualifier for being a princess? If we are iin Charlotte
    North Carolina, I’ll have to check out Matthew’s Chocolates. Good reason for visiting CharlotteN.C.


  3. I got some sunny yellow, flowered reading glasses from Barbara Younger after surgery in 2008 (haven’t forgotten!). A cheerful, practical gift since I had some extra time for reading. 🙂


  4. James brought a stuffed cat to me in the recovery room after surgery last year. He said that he knew I’d be missing a kitty sleeping with me that night and that one could keep me company. It is still my favorite gift he has ever given me and I keep it on my bedside table. He also was determined that I would be the first to see the gift and wouldn’t show what it was to mom or Steph in the waiting room.


  5. Great gifts. I liked food when I was ill. I like to give sleepwear of course but also if I have any friends going through chemo, beautiful handkerchiefs is the gift I give because when you lose your nasal hairs you can drip in cold weather.


  6. Barbara, the gifts are all lovely and are a tribute to the fact that you’ve touched the lives of so many people. We all wanted to envelop you in love! And I’m sure everyone else is as happy as I am that you are doing so well.


  7. Hi Barbara, another Kerf reader so I knew of your recent surgery and wonderful recovery! Such thoughtful beautiful gifts, I’m sure they must of helped lift your spirits at a time you needed them lifted. Here’s to a full recovery and a fabulous trip to Italy for you and your hubby. Best Wishes from Perth Western Australia


    1. Sandra,

      How wonderful to receive a lovely message from a KERF reader in Perth! When Kath was born, I never would have imagined the Internet or blogs. I’m so proud of her blog and so pleased she has such enthusiastic readers. Thank you!


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