Thanksgiving: The Greatest Thing



Ah. These words shout “Thanksgiving!” louder than a mountain of mashed potatoes or a planet full of pies.

They speak a truth you know as well as I, so I won’t say a word more.

I’ll just wish you the exuberance of your favorite balloon floating over the Macy’s Parade.

Curious George

And thank you for your kindness during a year when I’ve counted my blessings in ways I would never expect.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks Giving Square

Thanks-Giving Square: I snapped these photos last Christmas when we visited daughter Laura in Dallas, Texas. You can learn more about the Thanks-Giving Foundation here.

Curious George over Fifth Avenue: My top balloon choice is George! Read the fascinating (and scary) story of H.A. and Margret Rey, George’s creators here.


I love reading the books and watching the TV show with my best little monkey, my grandson Mazen.

Barbara and Grandson

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  1. Beautiful picture of you and Mazen 🙂
    I also had never heard the story of C.George’s authors – thanks for the interesting read.
    Happy thanksgiving Barbara.

  2. We can all learn a lot from Curious George. He’s inquisite and doesn’t listen to a lotof heresay. Love the picture of you and your grandson. He looks like you. happy Thanksgiving. Good Eating.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! The Macys parade for me was a favorite, and always will be! I don’t know if I have a favorite balloon, though! I love all of the festivities, and the bands, and the Rockettes, and the actors from Broadway plays. . .So festive, it’s the best!! This is indeed, a thanksgiving to be thankful for in so many ways! Would love to know people’s personal traditions for celebrating Thanksgiving! As for me, got to get up for the Parade!! (P.S., Barbara, that is such a great photo of you with your grandson- You and Mazen look beautiful!)

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