Irma B! Who Are You?

Erma B

I bought this silver bracelet at Clearing House, my mom’s favorite consignment store in Towson, Maryland.

Who would give up such a pretty, simple bracelet?

Surely Irma didn’t sell it herself. Maybe, but I doubt it.

So what family member decided not to keep it? Couldn’t a granddaughter or cousin or niece wear it in Irma’s memory?

Every time I put on the bracelet, I wonder about Irma.

Did she ride horses?  Play the flute?  Bake a great pie?  Shoot skeet? And dare I add, what was her menopause like if she lived that long?

Poor lost abandoned Irma.

I have an idea! One of my daughters can have a daughter and name her Irma B!


The bracelet will be hers! I’ll tie a pink ribbon around it and bring it to the hospital the second I get the news.

Not sure Irma is at the top of Kath or Laura’s list of names, though.

Maybe I’ll have a chance encounter with someone named Irma B. I’ll gallantly remove the bracelet. “Here, please take it,” I’ll say, pressing it onto the new Irma’s wrist.

Perhaps a reader, one of you, will come forward. “My name is Irma B.”

If so, Irma, the bracelet will be in the mail to you tout de suite.

But until that day, I honor Irma, mysterious Irma B, by sporting her name on my wrist.

Erma B

7 thoughts on “Irma B! Who Are You?”

  1. I’ll bet Irma B (wherever she is) is pleased that you are thinking of her! I wonder who will be wearing my jewelry someday? I hope someone is.

  2. Maybe she ran into some financial trouble and sold all her sliver? Maybe she passed and her kids or family just gave away her stuff? You are making Erma B proud!

  3. Love the bracelet and the name Irma. Havenen’t heard that name in a long time Beats some of the poular names ued today.Whenever the time comes i hope you have a lovely grand-daughter.

  4. I’m thinking it belonged to Erma Bombeck. Maybe no one wanted it, consigned it with other items and it just waited around waiting for the perfect person to find it and love it. Hoping she would be a woman with intelligence and a view of the humor in life, just like she did. Bet she’s happy you found it.

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