The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Holiday Edition


A Christmas trip to Texas last year inspired the first post in the Ladies Room Door Art Series. Look what Christmas 2014 brings! A holiday bathroom of bathrooms!

On Saturday, we walked into our official coffee stop enroute to Charlottesville, Virginia, where grandson Mazen lives. This time, there would be no visit with Maze. We were only traveling part way. Due to a sad encounter with a deer at Thanksgiving, we needed to retrieve our car from a body shop in Alta Vista, Virginia.

My eyes caught the holiday door. Yes! Of course I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture. But then I stepped into the bathroom. And what did my wondering eyes behold?

The walls:


The toilet topper:

Over Toilet

The sink:


The hand dryer:

Hand Dryer

If I wanted to cast a poopy spin (pun somewhat intended), I’d ask this: What kind of nasty germs do you think that sink skirt catches?

But who wants to be a poop this time of year! So here’s to the Three Point Grill in Prospect Hill, North Carolina. You made my morning!


Thanks to those of you who sent me ladies room door photos in 2014. Keep your eyes pealed on the way to the potty in 2015. Art abounds!

The store clerk told me that the store’s manager started her decorating spree this Halloween and plans to do all the major holidays from now on. It’s a good thing we go to Virginia often!

7 thoughts on “The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Holiday Edition”

  1. Np door to the rest room of the first stop on the Garden State Parkway, from I 95, only a hallway. But there are always fresh plants in the rest room itself. Soe of the restrooms on the highways across the country are amazing. Real Museums

  2. I love festive!! We’ll get our tree, as always at the day or so before Christmas because that is the first that we can usually get to the tree lot (can’t tell you how many times we’ve been given a tree half-price or sometimes “free”) — Not our intent to get there so late, just couldn’t help it, time-wise. The owners of this “coffee stop” certainly have the Christmas decorating spirit! I know your extra Santas, Barbara, (per your last post) are off to the Goodwill and will find good homes!

    As for us, our family, we will get our readily available decorations out! Each decoration placed is a celebration, no matter how many decorative items there are.

    Happy Holidays to all!!

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