Grandma Update: He’s Two!



Mazen turned two in September. Glorious, irascible two!

We get along like Pooh and Piglet, as long as I do exactly what he says. This includes playing trains Mazen’s way, letting Maze pick the stories, and being open to a bedtime ritual that extends indefinitely. This child isn’t spoiled. His mom and dad have him in their parental grips, but when Grammy visits, Grammy is a happy pushover.

We don’t get many do-overs in life, but grandparenting is one of them. I can close my eyes to flashbacks of impatience with my girls at Mazen’s age. I can feel my body clench. Hear my frustrated words. My impatience sometimes haunts me with regret.

But by the time I get impatient with Maze, it’s time to go home. And within a day, I’m REALLY impatient, impatient to go back.

When Mazen sees Cliff and me again, he starts to jump. His feet leave the ground.

My jumping needs work, but my train skills are improving by leaps and bounds.

Photo Above: Maze loves the antique dollhouse at my mom’s apartment in Baltimore. The front porch makes a fine driveway for his cars. The dollhouse, built by my great-great-grandfather, is a replica of their summer home in Mt. Gretna, Pennsylvania.

Photo Below: An enthusiastic artist working at a table that was his mom’s when she was his age.



12 thoughts on “Grandma Update: He’s Two!”

  1. He is so cute! Nice to be more relaxed with the grandkids than we were with our own children. Some of the things we got upset about really weren’t worth it. But the full-time job of parenting makes us impatient sometimes–we don’t want one more mess to clean up!!!


  2. Wow, how did 2 comes so quickly? I remember the brand new baby photos…. You always grip me somewhere Barbara! Got me here today : “We get along like Pooh and Piglet, as long as I do exactly what he says.” Just perfectly 2-year-old!


  3. Love this. Can’t wait til it’s my turn. A couple of my friends have just become or are about to be grandparents. It is such an exciting time!


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