Oh My Aching Feet



Writer and blogger Lisa Winkler has this to say about menopausal feet:


On a wintery day walking New York street after street

I began to notice a pain in my feet.


Like walking on a large marble or a fallen down sock,

My toes became numb; the balls of my feet like a rock.


I entered a shoe store, I figured why not?

Perhaps new boots would solve my problem on the spot.


I tried several pairs, yet the aches remained

Nothing it seemed alleviated the pain.


With only a few days before leaving town

I figured I better get the rundown.


Finding a podiatrist on a Friday late

I’d be lucky to land an appointment that date.


Alas, pinched nerves seemed the cause

He wrapped my feet in tape and gauze.


Told to keep them dry and walk a lot

I boarded my plane to LA where it was hot.


When I saw the pool and the sunny deck,

I knew the tape had to go; what the heck.


I swam and walked,

Met Miriam  and talked.


I biked in Sonoma

Trying to ignore the neuroma


Upon my return to NJ, the Pod-man retaped

And assured me in time my issues would abate.


Yet there was more snow and my boots didn’t fit

So  the problem feet shoe store I  did visit.


Your shoes are too small,” the salesman cried.

Your foot is larger and also quite wide.”


You mean I have to throw out all the 7Bs?”


Yes, and buy larger shoes. I think 8Cs.”


Aging it seems, changes one’s feet,

Buying new shoes isn’t such a bad treat.


Menopausal Feet: For more on the woes of menopausal feet, check out this article.


And here’s a post of mine on Vibrant Nation that talks about the layer of fat that goes away on the bottom of the foot.  Many readers chimed in with comments.


Lisa Winkler


Lisa K. Winkler’s blog:, chronicles her opinions and observations. She’s wrote a play, The Shabbos List, and wrote the book, On the Trail of the Ancestors: A Black Cowboy’s Ride Across America. She edited the anthology  Tangerine Tango: Women Writers Share Slices of Life and teaches memoir writing.  Find out more at her website:


22 thoughts on “Oh My Aching Feet”

  1. Did you know that heel pain can be a symptomatic problem in perimenopause? I’m sure most of us would never have heard of this! Not one of the primary symptoms of perimenopause we usually hear about! But, when I was in perimenopause I got extreme pain in my feet (heels) and I started to actually try to “pad” some Birkenstock sandals to alleviate this crazy pain. It did subside over time, but for a while it was pretty darned intense!!

    Has your foot pain responded to the bigger shoe size!?


    1. I bought a pair of 7 1/2 timberland hiking shoes that I put the Birkenstock insert in — they were great. I don’t think I’m truly an 8- they seem too big. It means I really have to try on shoes and buy them from quality places– maybe not so much on-line and discount store shopping. The pain has gone away.


      1. Yaaay!! So glad that the pain has gone away! I also always look for quality shoes. I actually find a good pair or two — and, contrary to the “fashionista” mode — that’s all I need!


  2. I forgot, too, to say how much I like your story written in poetic prose! But, I am curious as to the ending — do you have a new closetful of new shoes?!


  3. Great poem, Lisa! I’ve also found that my feet aren’t as friendly as they used to be. I occasionally suffer from the heel pain when I wear certain shoes. I guess our bodies aren’t designed to live as long as we do these days. 🙂


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