Boredom: Hot Water Heater Confession

A truly intelligent person is never bored.

My mom’s admonition. Woe to anyone in her household who dared complain of boredom.

Last week, thanks to an early March wind, I wimped out on my walk. My indoor tasks screeched boredom: gather tax stuff, answer emails, sort mail, and empty a suitcase.

A truly intelligent person is never bored.

No! Boredom is not allowed. Think, Barbara.

I began by washing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees (to get it super clean), but I ended by dusting the hot water heater.

I dusted the blue metal top of the tank. Talk about dust…

Hot Water Heater

I dusted the pipe below.


I even dusted this yellow ticket.

I love hot water (who doesn’t?) I like spending time in the quirky pantry of my old kitchen. And I enjoy dusting when there’s so much dust you can write your name.

I don’t know if it’s truly intelligent to dust your hot water heater, but it sure zapped my boredom, and now, when I hear her whoosh on to heat another tank, I say to myself, “There goes the cleanest hot water heater on the block.”

A truly intelligent person is never bored.

Do good things come of boredom? Is it okay to be bored if that boredom motivates you to accomplish something new?

What about you? Has boredom led to happy moments or hours? To new projects or insights or service to others?



I’ve been hired to write humor on guess what subject? Menopause! Here’s a link to my first gig on Healthline.


7 thoughts on “Boredom: Hot Water Heater Confession”

  1. Hi! This was so funny to me!! When I get bored (and most often I’m kept too busy with six kids to experience it) cleaning would be the LAST thing I would resort to. I admire someone who sees dust as artistic expression! For me, boredom leads to creative endeavors, yes. For my kids, boredom leads to misbehaving!! ugh! Thanks for this.

  2. Truly, Barbara,only a creative person like you can think of writing a blog about dusting off a hot water heater as a way to combat boredom. Kudos to you for a fun blog AND for a clean hot water heater. They do get rather dusty, but I would NEVER have thought of blogging about it! Your mother would be proud!

  3. Lets see–boredom sitting in the chair watching TV or dusting the water heater? I think I will pick TV! Or at least I could be bored getting stuff done I guess. Such a choice!

  4. I took advantage of a freezing snowy day to organize my pantry. Threw stuff out, sorted and organized. Realized I have multiples of some things– overbuying at Costco, and none of some essentials. Now to keep it that way….

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