The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Eight

More doors! The leaping figure above graces the ladies room door at The Vendue Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina. I love her exhuberance! Here’s the lobby door at the Church Street Inn. This Charleston lady is a bit more demure. Fancy Lady from Inn Fleet Landing in Charleston features a nautical porthole, with frosted glass, of course. Some elegant glass at the Southend Brewery and Smokehouse in Charleston. Photos were taken on a post-Christmas trip with my son-in-law’s parents. The kids abandoned us for Argentina. No worries! The parents had a great trip together. Finally, from that holiday adventure, the roped sign on The River Room in Georgetown, South Carolina. Let’s hear it for the South Carolina Coast. Ya’ll really know how to do ladies room doors! Daughter Laura sent the door below from a cafe in Buenos Aires called “Sans.” Thanks, Laura! I love the young lady’s confident yet casual pose in her striped sweater. And Laura found this cute guy and gal at Los Pizarros Bistro.   This door, from San Juanito, a tapas restaurant, could do with a touch of tidying up. Damas Blog reader Susan sent this crazy number from her holiday trip. She found it along the A1 Hwy between Montego Bay and Negril, Jamaica. Jamaica Back home again, I attended January classes taught by my friend Judy Brown of Judy’s Wellness Cafe. Below, a mandala, on the bathroom door at the wellness center. A mandala represents the universe. 20150105_105936 I’m grateful as I write this for the whimsy of the universe, including bathroom doors that add to the fun of a visit to the loo. Keep searching, wonderful blog readers, and send me the doors you discover in your travels.Thanks!

17 thoughts on “The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Eight”

  1. More fun with doors! And thanks for including the door I discovered in Jamaica! Nice reminder of my trip there.


  2. What a fun idea for a series! I’ve seen some interestng signs in my times, and must admit, I feel great comfort and confidence when the signage is clear. Silly, I know, but I want to be sure I’m really entering the right restroom. 😄


  3. Yes, that mandala sure is pretty. So glad you came to the class! Yay to mandalas and bathroom doors! Of course, in my travels I have also been to bathrooms without doors!! Not as fun! 🙂


    1. I’ve always wanted to ride across the country. My mom and dad did it in the late forties and talked about it for years. Do find us some fun doors. Thanks and have a great trip.


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