The M Zone: A Painting!

Second Photo of Lilly's Painting

A painting by artist Lilly Stevens and Lilly’s interpretation of her lovely lady dressed in purple:

The M in the title, “The M Zone,” stands for “menopause.” We are finally at that stage where our wombs are closing up shop. No longer children, or young women, we have gained great life experience, valuable wisdom, and maybe a few unwanted pounds! Our hair is no longer blonde or brown, but grey, white, or silver.

The M zone is new, uncharted territory for us. Inside we are tender, feminine, maternal (pink) but our ‘skin’ is tougher (the grey outline); we are tougher, for better or worse.

The heart is depicted as big and golden, and most women possess well deserved halos, due to their loving and self-sacrificial natures.The roses are symbolic of the womb, the birthplace of mankind.

In my journey, every woman I’ve known loves the color purple, so I thought this would be fitting for her dress.

At the end of the day, no matter how strong or tough she is perceived as, there is a feminine creature that longs to be respected and cherished.

Since the age of ten, writing and creating art, Lilly Anne Stevens has exhibited her paintings in places such as Houston’s City Hall as a member of “Artists Alive and Well.”  She is  one of 25 authors whose short devotions comprise the publication Thank you for your Hero, proceeds benefiting United States Gold Star families. Join her @

4 thoughts on “The M Zone: A Painting!”

  1. Gosh! I love this! What a beautiful way to honor all aspects of a woman’s life. We need to cherish gray hairs, wrinkles, and tougher skin! Thanks for sharing this great piece of art and the artist!

  2. Very interesting painting! You see the wiseness and “age” in the woman in the painting’s face; but, still, an unusually “young” body shape that accompanies it. Is that to represent that “inside” in our psyches we are feminine, even if our body shapes in the “M Zone” don’t reflect it in terms of conventional and younger standards of an ideal feminine physique? I once saw a picture of what women might look like in menopause, and I actually thought I had to hide the book from my husband. But, guess what, the author was right, and this physique was a “menopausal physique’! I like Barbara’s (bestofbarbara’s) comment that life doesn’t end at menopause. So, here’s to the “M Zone”!

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