The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Nine

Truckyard Outside

More doors!

Above is is the outdoor ladies room at Truck Yard, a beer garden in Dallas, Texas. My daughter Laura and her husband Matt live there and know all the funky places to go. There’s great bathroom door potential whenever I visit!

Below is another door at Truck Yard.

Inside at Truck Yard

This lovely door graces the ladies room at Urban Taco, also in Dallas.

Urban Taco

I thought this sign at the Tampa Airport was prettier than most airport signs.  And let’s hear it for airports–it sure is easy enough to find the ladies room.

Tampa Airport

From Matt’s sister Chelsea comes this door at O’ Sullivan’s Bar in Arlington, Virginia. Love those swirly legs!

From reader Lilly Stevens, The Corner Table Restaurant in Houston, Texas. The restaurant, Lilly reports, is in a wonderful old house and has quite a European feel.

Of the Americas Restaurant in River Oaks, Houston. Lilly writes,”This is one of the most creative bathrooms I’ve ever seen. I suspect people come just to gawk and take photos! ”

The door is somewhat ordinary…

But open the door and wow! The stall doors are mirrored, and each stall has its own sink. And, as Lilly tell us, “What a sink it is!”

Thanks, friends, for the photos. Do keep them coming as you travel about this summer. Reader Carol is on a cross-country trip and is snapping doors across America. She says it’s added even more adventure to her journey!

And finally, here’s one closer to my home from reader Judy. The Table in Mebane, North Carolina.

The TableAlthough this lovely lady looks a bit blue, she might just be the life of the party in that swirly dress!

11 thoughts on “The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Nine”

  1. This is such a fun series. I never would have considered bathroom doors to be interesting if it weren’t for your blog! Appreciate these photos as well as the thought to slow down and appreciate the “ordinary” things in life.

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