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Grandma Update: Peppa Pig!

The Pigs Eat Breakfast

My grandson Maze, who will be three in September, introduced me to Peppa Pig. I’m nuts over Peppa! She’s British, and she’s just the sort of friendly, inquisitive, upbeat pig you’d love to have move in next door. Learn more about Peppa on her official website and in this Wiki article.


Peppa’s family includes a little brother named George, Mommy and Daddy Pig, and Granny and Grandpa Pig. Peppa’s got loads of friends and a splendid teacher, Madame Gazelle. (You can see Madame Gazelle below, arms stretched wide.) Wiki tells me Madame Gazelle once played in a rock group called “The Rocking Gazelles.” That I didn’t know!

But I do know plenty about Peppa and her world, mostly in the creative and fun ways it intersects with Mazen’s world.

At Firehouse

I love watching him play with the figures. I’m allowed to make them move and talk too, but woe to anyone who messes with the figurines once Maze decides they are set.

A few weeks ago, we visited Charlottesville for more playing with Peppa AND a trip to Toys R Us, our first together. Maze got to choose one toy. He picked the Peppa Pig Camper Van, which, BTW, was a chunk cheaper at Toys R Us than Amazon.


Toys R Us

We were as happy as Peppa on holiday until the next morning, when Maze, a cough and cold setting in, couldn’t get the Peppa figures to sit how he wanted them to in the camper van. I jumped up to assist.


That stung.

I was tempted to remind Mazen who paid for the the camper van, but decided to take higher ground. I did remind myself that I’m many times his senior, and therefore know that tempers sometimes flare and loved ones get hurt.

But it still stung, especially since Cliff and I needed to hit the road a few minutes later. I wondered what Peppa’s Granny would say if Peppa treated her that way. I suspect she’d take it calmly as the English seem to do.

I’m learning that I’m not always going to be Grammy the Rescuer or Grammy the Adored. That’s not my job. My job is to love that little boy with all I’ve got, even if he pushes me away with a firm voice.

But I hope Maze lets me play with his Peppa figurines on my next visit. I want to ask Madame Gazelle what it’s like to sing in a rock band.

Madame Gazelle

18 thoughts on “Grandma Update: Peppa Pig!”

  1. I watch “Peppa” with my patient. I especially like Daddy Pig and George! George reminds me of Max from “Max and Ruby”!
    Love, Janet


  2. I haven’t heard of Peppa Pig. Wonder why the kids don’t know about him. As the pushing away– yes, they have to show their independence some time and it can sting. Don’t worry, just be there for them.


  3. Grammie

    I’m sorry for yelling. I am learning to stomp my feet when I’m mad. My piggies don’t always do right. You are a fun Grammie.



  4. Don’t tell me about being pushed away. My great grand=daughter Meira not only decided that she doesn’t like me, but her brothers didn’t like me either. She decided that I wasn’t so bad wnen I found a band-aid for the boo- boo on her finger. Do we stop loving them? Of course not


      1. Peppa is big with my 2 y.o. Spanish neighbor. Peppa Pig is on Nick Jr. Peppa Pig “plasters” are available in the UK.


  5. Hiya Barbara!!! I learned of Peppa and family from KERF. That Mazen is developing his own personality, as they all do. My grandsons are now 21 and 17, so I’ve been there too. Their hearts will always love. Have a great week. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam


    1. My mother’s only grandson was the last person she gestured to before she died. So sweet to me.

      I’m going to be hanging with Mazen next week and am bringing him a giant Peppa created to go in water! (Meaning she’s plastic and wears a yellow slicker.)


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