Dating in My Fifties Part Three: A Happy Ending!


wedding party

A post by my friend Kathy D’Ambrosia

If you have been a loyal reader of Barbara’s wonderful Friend for the Ride blog for at least a year and a half, then you may have read two earlier posts I wrote for her regarding the perils and pitfalls of online dating.

My first post (Oct. 19, 2013) mentioned the criteria I used in choosing men to date once I became single again after a long marriage. I also described what I thought was the “fatal flaw” in each man I dated.

My second post (Oct. 21, 2013) recounted my interesting encounter with “Nick the Scammer.”

After my experience with Nick, I took a brief hiatus from However, my adventurous spirit soon resurfaced, and I decided to plunge into the online dating jungle once again.

Michael, who claimed to live thirty minutes from me, emailed me via in late Feb. 2014. When I replied to his email a few weeks later, he had just arrived in Australia on business. I thought, “Oh, no, not this again!!” (Nick the Scammer was supposedly posing in front of the Opera House in Sydney, Australia in the picture that accompanies my second post). What a coincidence! So I grilled Michael with questions only a local could answer. He answered all of them correctly; he was legitimate.

Michael and I emailed back and forth on a daily basis (long emails, like those a pen pal would write), for the two weeks he was in Australia. After he returned to the States, we had our first date on April 7, 2014 at my favorite Thai restaurant.

michael & me 4-7-14 001

The date was awesome, and the rest is history…..

We were married on April 18, 2015. Michael’s 16 year old son was his best man, and my 23 and 25 year old sons walked me down the aisle.

walking down aisle

It was a simple, but wonderful church wedding, followed by a fabulous honeymoon in New Orleans. Now we live in his house in the country, and I am very happy and content.

Here’s my advice to any single woman: online dating is a great way to meet men; just be careful, be smart, and keep your wits about you at all times. Don’t get discouraged….I persevered, and now I’m happily married!

us by trees

Kathy D’Ambrosia lives in Burgaw, NC and has two grown sons, one in Raleigh, NC and one in Tampa, FL. She sells printing and works part time as an innkeeper on Bald Head Island, NC on weekdays, while her husband, Michael, travels on business. She also continues to use her master’s degree in gerontology by serving as a consultant to a non-profit Aging in Place organization.

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    • Thank you so much! I’m already finding out that second marriages often take more work than first marriages, for many reasons, but we are supposed to be wiser the second time around. It’s definitely worth it for me!

  1. Kathy! I am sooooo happy for you! It was so fun for Barbara and I to hear about your fun and not so fun dates along the way. And a true happy ending indeed! Hope to meet Michael someday soon! You were a beautiful bride. 😊

    • Thanks, Judy….I remember providing some interesting stories for you and Barbara along the way….Each summer I get together with between 4 and 6 of my college girlfriends for a weekend of “girl time”. I used to be the only single one of the bunch, and each year they would bombard me with questions about my love life. Now that I’m married as well, perhaps the questions will slow down!

  2. Ah, HOPE! I have not committed to re-trying the internet dating sites. I have met a few scammers a few not so truthful men, and a few that were exactly who they said they were, just no one for me. So grateful that there are happy endings. Congratulations on finding the RIGHT one for you!

    • Lisa, I really enjoyed reading your response, and I definitely met the same three categories of men you described (well, most people don’t physically meet the scammers, but you know what I mean!). Perhaps after a longer break from internet dating, you may be ready to try it again? I think HOPE is the key word, as you mentioned. Thanks for your congratulations, and good luck in your search for Mr. Right.

    • Thank you, Carol. I think we will be working on the “happily ever after” part for a while! I’m looking at it as a new beginning…. anyone who is married or has ever been married knows that a great marriage requires an unending amount of love, commitment, and compromise.

  3. Congradulations! This is very uplifting. As Lisa said, I too had nothing but scammers, profile hi jackers or the I’m interested in them, but they’re not interested in me and vice versa dynamic. Great to hear it ‘does’ work for some!

    • Thanks for your congratulations. I dated quite a few men before finding Michael….it was almost like a job (looking for Mr. Right), but I was determined to find someone with whom I could be happy. There have already been bumps in the road with my step-son since our wedding day, so it is not a completely rosy picture, but I choose to be happy and just take life one day at a time. If you decide to try online dating again, perhaps Christian Mingle might be a good alternative, if you are a Christian. I didn’t try that site.

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