Ropes! Beautiful Ropes!


I spotted this rope in a bin at Home Depot. I had no idea such beautiful rope existed. I uploaded the photo into WordPress right away, and it sat for a year, waiting for inspiration beyond its mere beauty. I’ve been at the end of my rope waiting for an idea to come for a post.

Until last week.

Grandson Mazen reported to his mom that unlike preschool, at a summer camp they don’t have to hold onto a rope when they walk as a group down the hall.

Ah, I thought, lucky Mazen, feeling the independence of walking like the big boys do.

Then Kath added, “But I think he misses it. I think he likes holding onto the rope.”

Our world pushes independence. Women of a certain age are supposed to be brave, bold, empowered.

I felt some of that bravery as I awaited cancer surgery this time last year.

But maybe that’s because I had beautiful ropes to hold onto.

Let’s hear if for the ropes! Thank you one and all.

10 thoughts on “Ropes! Beautiful Ropes!”

  1. What a nice analogy. We all need ropes at certain times of our life. Invisible ropes! Friends often can be the best ropes to hold on to!
    Sweet about Mazen. Not everybody is ready at the same time to let go.


  2. Yes, that’s because they aren’t random, at all!

    Home Depot. Yes, last place you might look. But, yes how wonderful it is to be able to hold the rope (whenever and for how much time you need it), and then walk on. It’s not abolute! Maybe we could say, I was holding the rope and feeling ok, and now I need to hold the rope again.


  3. Love how your idea for blog came together. I’m often inspired by the combination of a visual and that mysterious nebula of insight that forms into works of art, or writing, or creating a unique solution for a problem. I also like the wisdom of the saying, “When your at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!” Because….the ‘last’ thing you want to do is tie a rope & hang on,lol… but often, that’s the kind of resolve we need to make it through and finish well ♡


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