The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Eleven

Habitat Store

I found this charming sign at the Hospice Flee Market Store in Haw River, North Carolina. I can’t complain about the bossy sign though, because I found some boss trucks for grandson Mazen at a great price.

From reader Susan, the door of  Zibibbo 73 Trattoria & Wine Bar, located in Stafford, Virginia. Susan wondered why the 73 on the sign. She reports: “Zibibbo is an ancient wine grape, according to the restaurant’s website.  It was taken to Italy in 1773, so maybe that’s why 73 is in the name and on the doors.”


Susan sent this door from the Spinning Wheel Diner in Lebanon, New Jersey. She reports that the diner’s decor is Art Deco, and there’s lots of shiny aluminum everywhere.

Lebanon, New Jersey

Reader Judy found this door in Ireland!

Women are always right

Carol, famed for her Potty Trip of Potty Trip posts, sent this lovely sign from The Villages in Florida.

Bradenton Recreation Center

Another from the Villages. Elegance!

Nancy Lopez Country Club

I found this handpainted unisex door at the Pie Chest in Charlottesville, Virginia. Great door and YUM to the pies!

Pie Chest

I snapped this photo at ACAC, daughter Kath’s gym in Charlotteville. (The sign is actually shiner and prettier in real life.)

From the Citizen Burger Bar in Charlottesville


And the Toys R Us , where I bought Mazen the Peppa Pig Camper Van. The rich purple color reminds me of Jenny Joseph and her poem “When I am Old I Shall Wear Purple”

purple door

Last but not least, someone in my family has even created a ladies room door! I didn’t realize it until we visited the bakery that my son-in-law Matt owns and runs (along with Kath) in Charlottesville, the fabulous Great Harvest Bread Company. Kath did the door. I keep mulling bread related bathroom doors they might do, but have resisted making any suggestions.


Doors, doors everywhere! Keep those cameras ready this summer. Thanks so much!

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