The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Twelve



I found some great doors on a visit to daughter Laura and son-in-law Matt this summer.

Above, the names of famous Texas women on the ladies room door of Stampede 66 in Dallas. And check out the  confident dude below who greets you as soon as you swing open that door.


I found this one at the Warwick Hotel in Dallas. The sign on the door is an elegant green marble pattern. (I had problems properly catching it with my phone.)

20150605_125559 (1)

The ladies room at the Company Cafe in Dallas boasts a big old W on the door.


The stall doors are created with a funky wood pattern.


And the prettiest bathroom floor I’ve seen (not that I’ve been noticing them for long.) The floor at La Duni Latin Kitchen in Dallas.


A final shot from our trip to Texas: Cowboy boots on the door at the Eureka!


From reader Lily, who wrote:”Sending you this interesting photo of an industrial style Coffee Cafe that shares the same building/warehouse as Ecclesia Church near downtown Houston, TX. Designers cut this section of the existing wall out, giving you a peek through!”


From reader Carol, after a visit to the Eisenhower Regional Recreational Center in The Villages, Florida


.From my friend Justin, who teaches English in China. The door should read “Female.” They’re off  by one letter.


And this sign, which Justin says is at the entrance to the toilet areas. He writes: “The Chinese actually reads ‘Danger: Slippery.’ However, due to the unique morphology of Chinese, the same word can interchangeably mean ‘danger’ or ‘careful,’ depending on its context.”

Slip CarefullyJustin wins the prize for sending Friend for the Ride a door from so far away! But near or far, looking for interesting ladies room doors can add a jolt of excitement to any outing. Keep your cameras ready!

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  1. The example of the misspelling of the English word “Female” as “Fomale” brought back to mind a funny story my husband had told me about once. He related a story where a restaurant in Malaysia had a dinner fish entree on their menu for “Brown Carp” – Well, unfortunately, it read on the menu, “Brown Crap”! Ooops!!

    Wow! What a unique mix of doors this time! Also, love the door with all of the famous Texan women! And, I do have to say with regard to your previous posting about the women hikers – yes, I, too would rather scout out great bathroom doors and photo them -real bathrooms . . .YES!!

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