Experience 2015: Back Stage Tour


The Durham Performance Arts Center offered a backstage tour in June. Sign me up! Ever since my theater debut this winter, I’ve been extra curious about life on stage (and backstage).

I was surprised by how bland the dressing rooms are (especially the bathrooms). Cliff and I wondered if actors bring in their own decorative touches or maybe they prefer a simple space as too much decor is distracting. I wish I’d asked our tour guide.

What did delight me are the decorations that plaster the walls of the halls! Each musical leaves behind a colorful painting.



Musicians sign the cinder blocks.



Oprah used to talk about the Green Room at Harpo. Here’s the Green Room at the DPAC. When I did the Dixie Swim Club,I loved the adrenaline rush of waiting to go on stage. I’d like to get the chance to wait in a real Green Room!


I got a kick out of reading the signs. I can just see myself getting confused and coming in on the wrong side of the stage.


A lot of attention is paid to fire safety. I suspect that’s why the door cannot be propped open.

At the end of the tour, I stood on stage and pretended, for just a minute, that I was a star. What would it be like to perform in this auditorium packed with people? To make your words or your song reach to the upper tiers?

20150628_135043_LLS (1)

Before I left, to bring my back to Earth, to my beloved blog, I snapped a ladies room door sign of sorts.


Don’t miss the chance to take a back stage tour if you can. My tour was definitely a highlight of 2015.

9 thoughts on “Experience 2015: Back Stage Tour”

  1. My sister and I once surprised our mom with a back stage tour of Radio City Music Hall during a trip to NYC. My mom, who as a girl dreamed of becoming a Rockette, loved every second of it – especially when we got to meet a real Rockette!


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