The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Thirteen

Velvet Taco Ladies

In my year and a half of searching for ladies room doors, I do believe the door above, in bright pink, is my favorite! I found it (and the men’s below) at Urban Taco in Dallas this summer.

Velvet Taco Men

I loved this unisex door, found at The Gypsy Wagon, a funky boutique in the Knox-Henderson neighborhood of Dallas.

And I can’t resist showing you the dressing room!

Gypsy Wagon

Reader Susan, while in Chicago for her daughter’s grad school graduation, found this metal lady at Avec Restaurant.

photo (1)

And this elegant door at  Chant, a restaurant in Hyde Park, Chicago.


And from Susan, the Barkeater’s Restaurant in Shelburne, Vermont.

photo (2)

I found this at The Yellow Deli in Rutland, Vermont. The owner was pleased at my enthusiasm. No one had ever photographed his doors before.


A nice brass plate at the Latham ’76 Diner in Latham, New York. I did wonder why they didn’t move the plate down a bit.


Ah. And remember the days when we called it a “Powder Room?”  Here’s a sign for a unisex bathroom at the Gourmet Provence Bakery in Brandon,Vermont.

20150618_124451 (1)

And finally, a blast from the past: the ladies room door on the Ticonderoga Steamboat at the fabulous Shelburne Museum in  Vermont. If you visit the Shelburne, allow at least a day for an amazing blast from your past.


And so full steam ahead in our quest for creative and unusual ladies room doors. Thanks for your help!

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