Experience 2015: Kayak Lesson!


A kayak lesson!

Cliff signed us up for a two-hour class offered through Burlington, North Carolina’s  outdoor program. I’d been in kayaks before and once dumped myself into a creek. When Cliff told me about the lesson, the image of wet, klutzy me popped into my head.

Melissa Hoose, our skilled teacher, taught us plenty, including how to get into the kayak without landing in the water. I NEVER would have figured this out without a class, which is why lessons work. (I found the image on


Once I used this method to launch from shore, I was in my glory. Loved placing the paddle into the lake and moving a twelve-foot boat with ease. Life seemed manageable and mystical as water striders led the way.

So my larger life lesson from my kayak lesson is a simple one I often forget:  Sometimes, you have to be brave enough to just get started.

The rest is often just sailing happily into the sunset.


Thanks to Melissa for the excellent class and for the photos!

10 thoughts on “Experience 2015: Kayak Lesson!”

  1. Barbara, I cheer on your adventurousness! What great pictures! Yes, getting on the kayak looks like a major skill! Out, and on, and beyond, . . . and gliding. . .!!!

    Is it something that you may take up as a recreational past time or just a great experience?

    I guess this may have originated with the Inuit in Alaska? Does it translate well to North Carolina?

    You are, indeed, Barbara, an adventurer!

  2. Don’t Know why I can’t comment at the end of the blog.You look fantastic.Lots of kayaking in Alaska, but it is fun wherever you go. Lisa and i went kayaking in Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago.Guess who did most of the work. Ma hew and Marty were awaiting us on shore with an ambulance and stretcher, well almost. I had to devise a contortion to exit the kayak. Keepup the good work


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