Leakers Anonymous!

About five years ago, at dinner with girlfriends, we confessed one at a time, that we each had some leaking issues. You could hear the collective sigh that we aren’t alone. Reminds me of this video. Love the brave underpants lady!

Stats show that millions of women experience urinary leakage, but only fifty percent talk about the problem or look for help. Women become resigned to leakage after childbirth or as a consequence of aging. Big mistake! In 1948, Dr. Arnold Kegel first explained the pelvic floor exercise that works wonders. Thank you, Dr. Kegel.

Arnold Kegel

Unfortunately, many women don’t practice kegels correctly or they stop doing the exercise. PeriCoach takes the guesswork out of kegels. Check out the PeriCoach website to learn more. 

PeriCoach Muscle Contraction

PeriCoach is available by prescription. Click here for information on pricing and the form for your doctor to sign.

PeriCoach with phone copy

I’ve received compensation for posting this information about PeriCoach. I believe kegels work and so am glad to support methods that encourage the exercise.

10 thoughts on “Leakers Anonymous!”

  1. So glad that we finally (!) have a place to talk about subjects that have been kept in a closet for far too long. I know that my grandmother is yelling down from heaven to you, Barbara, saying “You Go Girl!” No topic should be taboo. The more we share, the deeper we care. Thank you


    1. Phew! I thought the sentence was going to end that yourgrandmother would be upset. My mom, who was very proper in lots of ways, happily embraced my blog and was even helping me write cartoons (post coming up soon) close to when she died.


  2. Since I’m new to this blog, I saw the subject before I saw your name, Barbara. I thought it was about leakage … like from the CIA or Target, etc. Enjoyed this … hadn’t thought about kegels in years and it’s time to start again. Having a good belly laugh is dangerous these days!


    1. You know Carla, I am thankful that Barbara writes about these topics. It’s a shame that doctors don’t discuss these things w/ us beforehand. She saved my life thru this blog. Look for my guest blog that I wrote that she’s going to post in the near future. Women unite – it’s time to have these discussions openly ❤ There is no shame in going viral with the myriad of complications that pop up as women's bodies age. It's a natural phenomenon and nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. The more knowledge we have increases our ability to deal w/ the changes. 🙂


      1. Thanks, Michele. Although I’ve had many wonderful doctors, I do wonder why they don’t volunteer more info as menopause approaches. I had no clue about some of the troubles that were ahead. Early suggestions/warnings from my doctors would have been so helpful.


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