More Menopause Cartoons!

Hot Flash Stripper

Last February, Healthline asked me to come up with concepts for menopause cartoons. What fun! Illustrator Julia Selutina drew the whimsical characters and brought my cartoon ideas to life.

The cartoon above is one of my favorites because my mom’s good friend Kathleen Taylor actually came up with the idea, not me. Thanks, Kathy! She based it on the story of a friend, who in the middle of a hot flash, tore off all of her clothes.

Tampon Tree

I really did have a hard time deciding what to do with my remaining tampons. I wrote one of my first blog posts, “Toot-a-loo Tampons!” about the dilemma. You can read it here. I remember how nervous and bold I felt posting a picture of tampons online. Ha! Little did I know what else I’d write about on this blog.

Weather Lady

Speaking of the winds of menopause, a new reader, Michele, contacted me after finding my article on the Hormone Health Network. The article helped her realize that her emotional (and physical) issues were related to hormones, not larger health issues. Michele is doing well now and has a guest post coming up for us soon.

Even the worst hot flash or the grumpiest day is a bit lighter if we sprinkle in some humor. I had a great time coming up with these cartoon ideas. Thanks, Healthline!

Check out Healthline’s menopause articles, including this one on symptoms of menopause.


Check out the Hormone Health Network’s great resource, the Menopause Map that helps you explore your personal journey to menopause.


9 thoughts on “More Menopause Cartoons!”

  1. Love the weather forecast one!

    Looking back at my diary, I started my (hopefully) last period 11 months ago this week, so maybe some homemade Christmas decorations will be in order this year!

    Seriously though I’m not sure what I will do with my remaining supplies of tampons.


      1. Well the one 11 months ago was my first for about 8 months so here’s hoping!

        The last one started at work, but luckily I had kept a packet of tampons in my desk drawer, so I didn’t get ‘caught short’ (we don’t have a vending machine at work), although it was an unpleasant surprise at the time!


      2. It’s been four years for me and I’m still finding tampons in purses. Kind of fun and kind of sad, all at the same time.

        Good luck. I really bet this is the last one for you.

        On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 1:37 PM, Friend For The Ride wrote:



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