Happy Fourth Birthday to Friend for the Ride!


Happy Fourth Birthday to Friend for the Ride! Thanks to readers old and new for your enthusiasm and your kind words!

Because he’s a lot cuter than I am, I present the celebratory photo above of my grandson Maze blowing out the candles on his third birthday cake (some candles are hidden in front of the flowers). The blog is one year older than Maze!

Here’s my very first post: The Roller Coaster Ride.

Rollercoaster going through loop

Here’s one of my happiest posts: The Baby Is Here.


And another: Final Update: The Wedding.


A bittersweet post and perhaps some of my strongest writing: Losing Mom: a Life in the Details.


And one of my quirkiest (or grittiest) posts: The Museum of Menstruation, Oh My. Menopause springs surprises on you. Never in a zillion months of periods would I have thought I’d talk about them online, much less post such a distasteful picture!


Thanks to all of you who have sent me guest posts over the years. Here’s the very first guest post, written by my good friend across the street, Susan Bellinger: Creative Procrastination: Try It. You’ll Like it.


Thanks to my literary agent, Erzsi Deak, for encouraging me to create an online menopause presence. I love her advice: “Make everyone want to go through menopause so they will buy this book” (my book–yet to find a publisher).


And thanks to my husband Cliff, Pickle Counting King, for snapping so many ladies room doors when I leave my phone at home.


To finish this birthday post, I’m pretending I’m Miss Nancy on Romper Room.

Miss Nancy

I’m peering through my magic glass at all of you and saying, “Thanks to Carol and Judy and Susan and Gail and Michele and Sue and Phyllis and Marylou and Vickie and Karoline and Cheryl and Stephanie and Shirley and Pam and Erzsi and Ann and Sirena and Miriam and Haralee and Amy and Vickie and Beth and Bernie and Ed and James and Cliff (yes, men!) and Kathy and Cathy and Suzanne and Judith and Patti and Lisa and Wanda and JoAnn and Linda and Kath and Laura and Candace and Janet and Nancy and Rebecca and Teresa and Barbara and Penny and Wendy and Adela and Carla and and Brenda and Greta and Theresa and Heartpeace and Diane and Silvia and Joan and Rena and Ruthie and Mo and Chris and Cindy and Claritza and Bonnie and Jama and Debbie and Becky and Cyn and Elaina and and Andrea and Bonnie and Meg and Sharon and Kimberly and Sandy and Ruth and Edna and Chickie and Crystal and Ellen and Paula.”

If I didn’t write your name, let me know, and I’ll add it! Love each and every one of you.

Romper Room: Here’s the history of my first favorite TV show, which originated in my hometown of Baltimore.

28 thoughts on “Happy Fourth Birthday to Friend for the Ride!”

  1. Many, many congratulations on a wonderful, interesting, endearing, informative, and all around fun blog! Hope we are reading your wise and witty words for many years to come!


  2. Finally, someone who remembers Miss Nancy’s Romper Room ritual! Such a good memory, and when I saw my name, it brought the same thrill as when she mentioned it when I was four! I really enjoy your blog.


  3. He is adorable! It has been a fun ride to take with you. I hope to follow you for years to come. Your bathroom door series is brilliant. I feel honored to virtually meet you, the author, and the actress!


  4. Congratulations on your milestone. Love the pictures. I always enjoy your blog. I expect to follow your lead and post more often now that I’m officially an empty nester. My triplets just flew the coop so I’ve gained a few hours in my day. So, happy blogday to youuuuuu.


  5. I love this post! And, most of all, happy, happy Fourth Anniversary of FriendfortheRide! Such inspiration, creativity and wonderful ideas and helpful information to others! Looking forward to many, many more years! Congratulations, Barbara!


    1. By the way, Barbara, thanks for mentioning my name in the Miss Nancy Romper Room scenario! Truth is, although I sat right up close to the TV so that she could see me, Miss Nancy’s magic glass could just never get me in her scope. Of course, my parents chose a name for me that was not a popular 1950’s girl’s name – more popular around the turn of the century I think! But, I didn’t know! So much fun that we all share so many common experiences together here on Friend for the Ride!


  6. Hiya Barbara!!! Congratulations and here’s to many more posts. Love reading about you and your family’s adventures. And thanks for adding me in your list, lol. It’s great to be recognized. And thanks too for all the wonderful introductions that you give us to such outstanding people that you find along your journey. I’m looking forward to continuing the journey. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam.


  7. Congratulations, Barbara! And thanks for including the links to some of your blog highlights. I reread “Life in the Details,” and read “Productive/Creative Procrastination” for the first time and really enjoyed both.
    Love, Janet


  8. Happy fourth birthday to you. I didn’t realize it has been this long. I will now be able to know how long it has been by remembering my grandson Zachary’s age. Keep blogging,



  9. Happy 4th Birthday!!! Your blog resonates with my life completely – I thank you for this” friend” you have created, and look forward to year five!

    I as well watched Romper Room diligently and always waited to hear my name – so thanks for that flashback 🙂


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