Grandma Update: Dressing for a Man


“I like your zebras!” a guy called out as I strolled down the sidewalk a few weeks ago. Men don’t usually shout out compliments on my clothes, so this put some spring in my step, especially since I had just purchased my zebra top.

But actually, I don’t dress for men these days. Nope. I dress for one man, a small one, my grandson Mazen.

At age one, Maze was intrigued with chickens. “Buck, buck!” (for “cluck, cluck”) was one of his first words. He knew a chicken when he saw one, and one day spotted two of them on my Friend for the Ride t-shirt ( which features Cliff’s childhood egg cups).


That spurred me on. I’ve added bumblebees, zebras,  lion, and giraffes to my wardrobe. I never knew dressing for a man could be this fun.

And since I have daughters (and because Cliff refuses to let me pick out his clothes), I never knew shopping for a man could be this fun! I look for animals and trucks/cars/trackers in 4 T. The shark shirt below was the hit of the summer.


Speaking of dressing for men, my gut says I’ve mostly dressed for other women over the  years. Women seem to be the ones to notice clothes and compliment them. But I must say, when a man says something pleasant about my outfit, I take extra note. What about you? Do you dress for yourself? Other women?  Men?

Check out this article, which says that few women really dress for men, since to a man, the less clothes on a woman the better. Any men out there? Agree?

6 thoughts on “Grandma Update: Dressing for a Man”

  1. This is funny, because I’ve often thought that women dress for other women (to impress, to look better than, whatever). I’ve noticed this about myself. That I gauge what I wear by what I think other women will be wearing to wherever I’m going. but I LOVE the idea of dressing for your grandson. Go for it –and I will liberate myself likewise!!


  2. After I finished my last career, I decided to donate all of my suits. It’s been a few years since I dressed up. In fact, these days (when I’m not working as a produce clerk in our local store where my attire is a company t-shirt, jeans & sneakers!) I’m usually sporting the latest couture from a local Thrift Shop (I bought a dress shirt and slacks for $2 last week!).
    As long as my clothes are clean, neat and pressed, I’m content. In fact, I have discovered that a smiling face is the best accessory after all. I’m so comfortable in my “own skin” these days. Of course, when our grandchild graces our presence next month, that may change and I will probably begin to think (and dress) differently. We’ll have to see…


  3. Yes, it’s fun buying clothes for the kids. By 5 though the styles and fashions start to get tacky– I hate writing on clothes, and hate that for boys so much is either sports or camouflage. I’m very picky. I like girl clothes to be little girl– not clothes that look like they’re for teens in small sizes.
    As far as dressing for others– mostly for myself and you’re right- women tend to notice and common far more than men do!
    Have a great trip! I hope you had time to catch the Picasso sculpture at MOMA.


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