On Menopause


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A post by my friend Ann Rocap. I recently met Ann at the Tablerock Writers Workshop, and I asked her to write a post for Friend for the Ride. Thanks, Ann!

On Menopause

Ann Rocap

Birth date June, 1926

So, you are approaching menopause.  Don’t worry.  It is the gateway to the best years of your life.  At least it was for me.

It meant the end of irregular and painful periods, cramps, cold sweats, nausea, flooding and at the most inconvenient times – my honeymoon for instance.  Even after having three children I still had problems with my periods.

Menopause arrived in my early fifties accompanied by occasional hot flashes.  I only remember them at night when I had to sleep on top of the covers.  Somewhere I had heard that the pancreas could produce small amounts of estrogen after the ovaries have shut down.  In the middle of the night I would call on my pancreas to get cracking.  I believe in mind over matter.  We do have amazing control over what happens in our bodies.

Another thing I was told is to expect weight gain.  That does not need to happen.  It is what you put in and what you put out that controls weight.  I did not want to grow out of my clothes and I didn’t.  Well, maybe some of those short shorts.

My sister who is five and a half years older than I am encouraged me regarding menopause.  “Love making can be more spontaneous.”

The good thing is that after menopause your body settles into a more even keel.  Emotional highs and lows moderate.

I felt so much stronger – ready to take on new physical challenges – lap swimming, hiking, back packing.  I even bought myself sporting equipment for the first time in my life – cross country skis and boots.  It was so liberating to be able to make plans and count on being well.  Life presented me with many opportunities to take up responsibilities that I was ready and willing to undertake.

The fifties, sixties, seventies, and eighties have been good years for me, and they can be for you!

A short bio, written by Ann: I was born in Media in 1926, the youngest child in a family of three. After graduation from high school, my desire was to attend art school, but instead I  went to a secretarial school and got a job in Philadelphia.

In 1950, I married attorney Edward Rocap and continued to live in Media, Pennsylvania. We raised three children and filled our lives with Christian service of one kind or another. In 2001, my husband retired after practicing law for fifty years, and we moved to Cedar Grove, NC.  My husband died in 2011.

I have always enjoyed my family, my friends, painting, journaling, listening to classical music, bird watching, and taking a good walk.

About Table Rock Writers Workshop: Read more about this fabulous writers workshop in the mountains of North Carolina here on their website. 

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  1. Wow….thank you for such a positive spin and outlook when most of what you read on menopause can be a downer! I love your comment that it is “a gateway to the best years of your life”!
    Thank you for your wisdom!

  2. Good to here the words of wisdom and encouragement from someone who has gone through it!
    I hope she’s right about the weight – but it does seem easier to put on and harder to shift again!

  3. I breezed thru the “change” w/o weight gain or hot flashes also. BUT, it was post-menopause (6-7 yrs after stopping my periods) that thru me into a tail spin! Thank God for HRT – it saved my life (and my marriage!)

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