The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Sixteen


Now this is cool. I’m at 21C, a funky hotel in Durham, North Carolina. When you look into the bathroom, you can see the potty and sink. When you’re inside, you can look out. Freaky when one then thinks of using the potty.


You read a notice on the inside that says:


You click the door and voila! No one can see you! Cliff took the picture. Note the reflection of a woman waiting her turn.


A bit more down home, here’s the door at the Pizza Inn in Durham. Cliff loves the buffet!


The outside door of this unisex bathroom is pretty generic, but here’s the back of that door at the Learning Express in  Durham, North Carolina. Thomas! Now that Mazen knows how to use the potty, I should bring him to see this one.

Thomas Door

From reader Renee, the door of the Red Robin in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Renees Door

From reader Lisa, Charlie Brown and Hello Kitty at the Barbetta Restaurant, 321 W. 46th St., NYC. The characters over the men’s and women’s room surprised Lisa because the restaurant is fancy and formal.



Candace, while on vacation in San Diego, took the door at the Ocean Pacific Grille.


One of my finds after a writer’s conference this summer: The Switzerland Cafe in Little Switzerland, North Carolina.


And the bookstore next door, Books and Beans. This door is one of my all time favorites. Classy and fun.


Every time I go in a restaurant now, I  make a beeline for the ladies room to check out the door.Even if the food is fab, I rate the place down a notch for not having a creative door. But, I suppose if every restaurant had a creative door, the joy of the hunt would lose its intensity.

Keep hunting! Thanks to all of you who sent doors for this post.

12 thoughts on “The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Sixteen”

  1. The now you see me now you don’t door kind of creeps me out! A clean bathroom still supersedes a cute door. Is there anything worse than a dirty, messy restroom?

  2. Joe just reminded me of the signs on the doors of the bathrooms at a restaurant we used to go to when we lived in Indianapolis called Macs and Ermas. The women’s room had a picture of a male pointing to the other bathroom and the men’s had a picture of a women pointing to go to the other bathroom. Very confusing. He said that often while in the men’s room, a lady would come in thinking she was in the right one.

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