Getting Serious at the State Fair: Hands-on Only CPR


Love the state fair! The onion rings, the quilt and cake exhibits, the swings, the freebies.



But I never want to do anything serious there like have my blood pressure taken or the vision tests. Who wants to think about medical stuff when you are stuffing yourself?

But when I walked by the CPR booth and a guy said, “Let me show you the new hands-only CPR,” something told me to say, “Yes.” Above is the model I practiced on.

The new thinking is that all one needs to do is pump, hard, on the victim’s chest, fast, about one hundred pumps a minute.

The guy told me no more blowing into the mouth. They’ve found more people are willing to jump in if they only have to pump on the chest, and in lots of cases, this is all that’s needed. I’m pleased because the new technique is way  less complicated. I’m not good in medical emergencies. This seems like something I could do in a panicked state, or at least I hope so.


To really learn the technique, the American Heart Association wants you to take a CPR class, available in most communities. I’m glad to have gotten a running start though. Maybe this is the state fair that will help me save a life someday!


P.S. I asked about younger kids. The process is more complicated–another reason to take a class.

7 thoughts on “Getting Serious at the State Fair: Hands-on Only CPR”

  1. Thanks for posting this … of course, I’ll be humming Stayin’ Alive all day! I remember things by association, so this will help me do the right thing.

  2. The things that you see at the Fair! I have a couple of friends in the medical profession and both keep plastic clothes in their purses just in case they are called upon. They alerted me to the no mouth CPR. I told them, why would I attempt anything if I hang out with one of them!

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