Periods! WOW!! The Full Moon Party Ad

Check out this ad from Hello Flo, a subscription service that delivers tampons and other supplies. An interesting idea but definitely not cheap.

My favorite line: “Periods don’t have glitter in them.”

Yuckiest moment: The red marshmallows!

Best reaction: The scream when her dad shows up.

What I like: Of course the First Moon party is over-the-top, but what I like is the openness about periods. Love that the men in this child’s life are allowed to talk about a taboo subject.

My childhoods would have been a lot easier if this were so for me. Periods were never discussed, and I frequently made up excuses as to why I didn’t want to go swimming, sometimes even getting in trouble for my spoil sport attitude.

How sad that I didn’t feel comfortable telling my mom and dad why I didn’t want to go to the pool.

Hooray for changes for the better!


And I should add, that Mom got lots better. I take great joy that she loved my blog and even did the art for this post.


Read more about the ad on Ad Week

10 thoughts on “Periods! WOW!! The Full Moon Party Ad”

  1. Too funny!! I had my first period on Christmas Eve at the age of 15. I was so excited to start my period as all my friends had been having theirs for quite a while. But my Mom, who was excited too, announced it to all my immediate family. I was mortified! I remember when we were on our periods and couldn’t go swimming, we would always say “I can’t get in the water”. And everyone knew why–even the guys.

  2. It definitely wasn’t a topic for open conversation at home when I was growing up. Of course I told my mum, but it was never mentioned in front of my dad. I can remember my younger sister being annoyed about me not being able to go swimming with her sometimes and not really being told why.

    I can also remember mum and dad being quite uncomfortable sitting watching TV when the first tampon adverts started to appear. Mum still frowns a little when she sees someone casually picking up a packet of towels or tampons and putting it in their supermarket trolley when their husband or children are with them!

  3. Oh my gosh!! Yes, hilarious video, but I had no idea others had my experience! I “faked it” too! I was on a trip visiting relatives, and my auntie asked me “knowingly” (with a wink & understanding smile) that maybe I needed to stop and get some sanitary napkins? And, I said, yes! Because, my friends had their period already, and I didn’t want to look like I was not “normal” and behind everybody. So, after stopping at the local pharmacy, I rolled up the empty, dry, pristine, cotton-white Kotex in toilet paper and dropped them into my auntie’s wastebasket. Somehow, years later, I heard that they were on to my little “deception.” Didn’t know there were others who had “menarche anxiety” during these innocent times!!

  4. Count me in on one the late ones that can relate to this poor girl faking it. (Though I didn’t go that far.) My favorite line was the one at the end: “Sometimes it’s just better to wait.” Especially with a crazy mother like that! Also liked the guy bringing the coffee filters.

  5. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! Thanks for sharing, Barbara! My favorite line is at the end; “Sometimes ya just gotta wait.”

    I, too, remember the old days of hushed ‘period’ talks with girl friends. I was probably the last girl to ‘get mine.’ One girl friend who got her period quite early, moved to my northern hometown from the south, so I theorized that it was the hot climate that brought on her period at an early age. That’s why I tried the hot bath method to bring on my period. HA! Yup, ya just gotta wait. 😀

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