Menopause Cartoons Encore!

Skipping Periods


I had the best time writing menopause cartoons for Healthline. Here are three more!

Remember when you first learned about periods? That innocent little dot at the end of the sentence became the name for something a whole lot more intrusive in your life. The cartoon above is the wackiest one I wrote. Illustrator Julia Selutina did a wonderful job drawing that crazy skip rope.

Below, is a reference to brain fog. I had moodiness and sadness but don’t remember any really foggy days. What about you?

Weather Lady

But I definitely had klutziness. Here’s a short post I wrote about it in 2012. The health websites report that fluctuating hormones can affect body coordination. Yoga, an exercise I keep avoiding even though my friends swear by it, is said to work wonders for coordination.


So thanks for reading three more of my cartoons. Gotta laugh, some, at menopause. Gotta laugh, some, at everything!

Giveaway Winners!

Congrats to Greta, who won The Life-changing Magic of Tidying up.

Congrats to Silvia, who won Rhythms.

Congrats to Vickie, who won the Crila.

And congrats to Judy, who won DIYA: A Megawatt Approach to Change.

12 thoughts on “Menopause Cartoons Encore!”

  1. Love the cartoons! Brain Fog!!!! It was the worst part of menopause for me. And it made working very difficult. I am so glad my brain returned to normal–well it was normal for awhile until senior moments set in.


  2. Love them!
    It certainly can be like experiencing all 4 seasons in one day!
    The skipping periods one reminds me of a line in the movie Grease when one of the girls says “I feel like a defective typewriter – I’ve just skipped a period”. Of course anyone just learning about periods nowadays wouldn’t know what a typewriter is!!


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