1 thought on “20151211_131745”

  1. I love the spools. Very sweet.

    Before my mother died, I asked her to join us at our Thanksgiving Dinner knowing full well she would not be there. I asked her to knock over a glass of wine at the table or else maybe a salt shaker – her choice. That way we would know she was with us. Well, wouldn’t you know it, more that one glass of wine went over onto the tablecloth that year. No other year before or after had that ever happened. Co-incidence it may well have been, but we now think of this and reassure ourselves that in some way she will always be there– whether in the lullabies that sometimes enter our heads, or the sayings like “Some parts of the lake are deeper than others,” or “This too shall pass.” When I make one of her favorite cookie recipes I think of her and it gives me a warm feeling. I have a cup of tea and savor the memory of many “tea and sympathy” times we shared together. So my Christmas wish to you is that you will be able to savor the sweetness of a moment you had with your mom.




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