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The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Nineteen



I found this lovely door above (and the bad news the sign announces) at a bagel shop in New York City.

This is a ladies room stall door at Ragga, an Indian restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The actual ladies room door has a similar styling, but the hallway is too dark to snap a photo.


From my friend Ken, one of a few brave men helping me find doors, comes this unisex door at Mont Blanc, a Swiss restaurant on 48th Street, New York City.IMG_1224 (1)

From Susan comes this young lady who resembles one of the Big Eyes figures. Susan found  her at the Black Bear Restaurant in Pottersville, New York.
photo (3)

Susan found this sprightly young lady at Le Cafetier in Sutton, Quebec.

photo (4)

I took this photo at the Frankfort Airport.


From Susan, Cacao 70 in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

photo (5)

And East Side Mario’s in Bromont, Quebec.
photo (6)

From reader Greta, a sign for a unisex bathroom at the Soda Shoppe in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Greta's signs

From my friend Margot, came this email:”You have me looking at bathrooms in a whole new light. I finally found the photos among the thousands I took in Europe. The first set is of my favorite building in Prague – the Municipal Building. ”

Municiap Building in Prague


Stall Doors


Prague Encore



Margot wrote that the bathroom below is in “Dancing House,” a controversial modern building designed by Frank Gehry; the two round sections look like Ginger Rogers and Fred.” (Check out Gehry’s other amazing buildings here.)


Margot continues: “The bathroom is at the top of Fred by his wire mesh head.” And note darling Margot in the mirror.

Margot in Mirror

Thanks, Margot, and thanks to everyone who photographed ladies room doors in the U.S. and overseas. I hope you’re having fun helping us look at bathrooms in a whole new light.

Mighty Nighties! A Giveaway


2 New KO6100 Lacy Chemise Blk Wht

A post from Mighty Nighties!

We’ve all been there. Waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat, soaking through our sheets. Ah, the wonderful side effects of menopause.

In fact, temperature affects our sleep more than anything else. Keeping our body temperature “normal” at night is close to impossible. And playing thermostat wars with dear husband gets old fast.

Short of sleeping in the refrigerator, there aren’t a lot of great options. Until now.
 Mighty Nighties sleepwear feature moisture wicking technology that also wicks odor- keeping you dry and fresh all night long.
cami anytime pant Tiger Lily (1)


Mighty Nighties are the ONLY 100% cotton all natural sleepwear line that can perform this way, not to mention they are made in the USA (by a woman, of course).

KO-5500 Black

For women who are having hot flashes, are pregnant, cancer patients, or just have trouble regulating their body temperature at night, these are the first solution made of 100% cotton.

Styles range from camisoles and pants to nightshirts and a lacy chemise and run up to size 3XL. Prices range from $34-$88. 

Nite Tee copy

Finally, kiss sleepless nights goodbye. 

GIVEAWAY: Mighty Nighties is offering one of their Nite Tees (above) to a lucky Friend for the Ride winner. For a chance to win, please enter a comment by February 15. Thanks!

A Hot Chocolate Toast!




My grandson Mazen created this picture at preschool. Hot chocolate! To me, the drinking of hot chocolate is one of the world’s happiest rituals. I wrote this toast in its honor:

A Hot Chocolate Toast

(You may toast indoors or out.)

To the winter night!

Bold. Cold. Starry. Bright.

We raise our mugs,

and take a sip,

and welcome warmth

up to our lips.

I’ve been making really simple hot chocolate this year by melting chocolate chips or white chocolate chips (or a combination) into very hot milk. You can add some water to the milk if you like.

This is a fun company idea. Folks can make the hot chocolate the strength they prefer. You might offer mint chocolate chips and butterscotch too, maybe even peanut butter chips. Let everyone be creative and make their own special combo.

And don’t forget to say my toast!

A Hot Chocolate Toast is included in June Cotner and Nancy Tupper Ling’s festive anthology, Toasts: The Perfect Words to Celebrate Every Occasion. Toasts is a perfect great gift book, especially for birthdays, weddings, or retirement.




Free the Tampons!


Free the Tampons

In college, I declared that women should receive monetary compensation from the government for having to endure periods. My roommate thought I had a worthwhile theory, but most of our friends declared the plan nuts. Having your period is a privilege, they argued, part of the great plan of womanhood.

I wondered then and continue to wonder today, why the miraculous plan of life has to include periods, especially periods that can be painful for some and inconvenient for all. But periods are a big part of the plan, and tampons and pads are a necessity for most women for about forty years. I haven’t forgotten the inconvenience of running out of tampons. Hiding them in my shopping cart. Sighing at their steep price.

Free the Tampons is an organization fighting to make tampons available in all restrooms. Check out their website here. 

Roll Your Own

And watch this TED Talk by advocate Nancy Kramer.

No doubt this concept will not make businesses happy. Tampons are expensive.

This brings up another issue. Taxing tampons and pads. Check out this article on the Time Network reporting that all but five states tax tampons. The movement is growing in the U.S. and worldwide to remove tax on tampons and pads. Read about it here and here.

Maybe, oh so long ago, arguing in my dorm room, I was onto something. Periods are not easy to deal with. We need all the help we can get. As menopausal women, let’s endorse the movement in support of our younger sisters. Free the tampons!