Building Your Resilient Self: A Writing Workshop at RambleRill Farm


For those of you who live locally, my friend Judy Brown and I are leading a workshop at RambleRill Farm here in Hillsborough. We’re talking about resilience for women!

Here’s the workshop description, and if you come, you’ll get a fun notebook like the ones above:

Building Your Resilient Self:
An Afternoon of Wellness and Words

“The oak fought the wind and was broken,
the willow bent when it must and survived.”
Robert Jordan

Come join an intimate group of women for an afternoon at RambleRill Farm in
Hillsborough as we explore writing techniques and how they can be a tool for
resiliency. Whether we are the oak or the willow, life hands us many challenges.
Writing is a strong tool for guiding us to bend when we need to, and to help us
bounce back to physical and emotional wellness.

Judy Brown, a certified holistic health coach, will explain how our emotional,
spiritual, and relational lives can impact our resiliency and our health.

Barbara Younger, an author and writing teacher, will lead us in writing from the
heart to reach the strength within us.

The afternoon will include guided meditations, relaxation exercises, and an
afternoon tea.

Date: Saturday, January 23, 2016
1-4 pm

Where: RambleRill Farm, 913 Arthur Minnis Rd., Hillsborough

Cost: $45 (Early bird discount $40- through January 15)

Please contact Judy Brown for more information and to sign up for the workshop.

Do join us! Learn more about beautiful RambleRill Farm here at their website.

RambleRill Farm

Check out Judy’s website here and her blog here.


My writer’s website is here.


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