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Hot Flashes and EmpowerHer: Part One

Hot Flash

A few months ago, EmpowerHer, a woman’s health site, invited me to write articles about hot flashes. I had fun figuring out how to give each article a creative slant, and I enjoyed the research. Citing sources brought me back to my university days!

My first assignment was:


I went to my friends at Midlife Boulevard, a women’s writing and blogging network. They sent me great responses:

  • “I used to think steam was coming out of my ears.”
  • “It’s like a furnace exploded in my core and is radiating to my extremities.”
  • “A hot flash is 100 degree heat paired with 100 percent humidity.”
  • “I feel like I’m getting my hair washed, and the water is way too hot!”

Read the rest of their responses here, a bit of my own experience, and the research I uncovered on the topic.

My second assignment for EmpowHer was:


Is there a difference? 

Read a story here from my very own bedroom and then my research on hot flashes and night sweats.

The final article I’ll include today addresses this question:


I got brave and talked about the Modess Starter Kit my mom ordered for me. I used this as a segue into menopause, which comes on a lot slower than the shock of that first period.

This article was a bit harder to put together research-wise than the first two. Read it here!

I’ll stop to give you a chance to read. More hot flash scoops to come! (And thanks to Stacia, who’s been editing my articles. I appreciate your light and encouraging hand.)


P.S. I dug deep through mighty Google, and I don’t think I had a Modess Starter Kit after all. I think the pamphlet I read was called “Very Personally Yours.” Here’s the cover!  Sound or look familiar to any of you?


4 thoughts on “Hot Flashes and EmpowerHer: Part One”

  1. Yes!!! I had that same booklet! Besides the rumors that circulated among the 5th grade girls, this was the sum total of my period education. My mother wouldn’t talk about it 🙂


  2. Interesting post, Barbara, and great research! I have to say that I don’t remember a single hot flash! Not anything “flashy” so to speak like some women’s experiences! No, instead, I did, and still do (if I use any of my phytoestrogen crème) have night sweats (a major occurrence during my perimenopausal and menopausal years)! I’ve understood that this is caused by the fluctuations in hormones (in this case induced by me -thanks to my phytoestrogen cream – in well after menopause)!
    But, I use this phytoestrogen as one more helper in my quest to reduce anxiety! And, it works!


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