Exercise after Menopause? Of Course! (Part One)



A post by writer and blogger Carol Baldwin:

Too many years ago than I care to admit, I suggested to Barbara that I write a blog post about exercising after 60. She loved the idea. But as we all know, sometimes there’s a gap between an idea and executing it.

By the time I decided I needed to make good on my promise, my husband had retired and we had moved to The Villages, Florida, where there are plenty of exercise options. I realized that it would be better for me not only to share how much exercise means to me now, but to share some of my friends’ experiences as well. I hope these women’s stories—some who are my North Carolina friends and others I have met in Florida–will inspire you to come up with your own exercise routine.

Here’s Part One:

LINDA ANDERSEN, Fayetteville, NC

Even on days when I groan (mostly inwardly) at the thought of going to the gym, my body benefits.  Having a gym partner helps keep me motivated.  These days, my husband and I attend together.  He likes to tell people that he’s going to work when he’s headed to the gym.

Linda Andersen

Linda on the rowing machine.

As I exercise, this thought runs through my head, “Row, row, row.  Off to work I go.”  I really like this rowing machine and thank goodness it hasn’t capsized once.

Since beginning a regular exercise program a little over a year ago, I have noticed more pep in my step, I’ve lost 25 pounds, and prescription medications have been reduced or eliminated.  I have more mental clarity, a better handle on stress, and I’m a happier person.  I’m definitely a believer in the benefits of exercise.

Linda Andersen blogs at A Writer’s Playground and exercises at her local gym.


CION HUESKE, The Villages, Florida

Exercise is my middle name.  I’ve been active since I was a kid.  Was an avid runner once but my knee won’t hold up any more.  I  missed my running, but started walking instead.  Walking reduces health risks, improves stamina, confidence, energy, weight control and life expectancy. I’ve walked all over for so many hours with my husband spending quality time together and also doing a good deed picking up rubbish in the neighborhoods.  It’s a great feeling especially finding $$$$$ as a reward.  My personal best on my Fitbit was 61,555 steps, about 5,000 calories, for a total of 28 miles in one day.  My goal is to beat it again someday.  Living in the Villages makes me happy and I hope to live longer with all the activities we have.  Life is good.


Cion finishing a 5k race on Oct 31, 2015. She took 9th overall in the 60 age group.

I did the race in 32 minutes; not bad for not running for a long time.  I was going to walk it but I started slowly and felt good so I decided to run it and kick some butt too.  But after that my knee hurts so I stick to walking or line dancing instead.

Cion and I

Carol met Cion on the golf course. Cion’s an even better golfer than walker and inspired this blog post about golfing and writing. 

Stay Tuned for more exercise stories in Part Two!

Carol Baldwin’s most recent book is Teaching the Story: Fiction Writing in Grades 4-8 (Maupin House, 2008). She is working on her first young adult novel, a multi-racial book set in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1950. Carol enjoys teaching writing, is a contributing editor to LitChat , and co-publishes Talking Story, a newsletter for educators and media specialists. Find her book reviews and writing tips at When she is not writing, you’ll find her on the golf course or reading to one of her five grandchildren.

8 thoughts on “Exercise after Menopause? Of Course! (Part One)”

  1. Thanks for including my comments about the benefits of exercise. I appreciate that you asked me to take part. It was a privilege. I enjoyed hearing of Cion’s experiences and look forward to reading more to come.

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