No Sweat Sheets! A Giveaway from Perfect Linens



A post and a giveaway from Perfect Linens: 

Night sweats and hot flashes are a telltale sign of menopause.  The annoying symptoms don’t stop when you’re sleeping — you’re uncomfortable both day and night!

If you awake in the middle of the night dripping with sweat, can help!  Their triple-patented “No Sweat!” sheets dispel perspiration far faster than cotton, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable.  Research proves “No Sweat!” sheets increase sleep duration dramatically.

“No Sweat!” sheets also have a soil/oil release and anti-microbial finish — perfect if you use lotions, creams or ointments at night.

At, each product is scientifically evaluated for exceptional comfort.  “No Sweat!” sheets ranked highest for smoothness, especially after multiple laundering. They are superior to all other moisture wicking sheets they’ve tested.

Your personal comfort is just that – personal!  We all have that special sheet that makes us feel oh so comfy, and there’s finally a sheets company that gets it!

Perfect Linens Website:  Learn more about the linens here.


Giveaway: For a chance to win a pair of “No Sweat!” pillowcases, simply enter a comment by March 1. Thanks, Perfect Linens!

Discount Code:  Use discount code Friend15 to enjoy a 15% discount on “No Sweat!” sheets or to purchase other exceptionally comfortable sheets.

20 thoughts on “No Sweat Sheets! A Giveaway from Perfect Linens”

  1. Sounds so good. My husband loves the “heater mattress pad” and thankfully it has dual controls, ( I threw out my control)….however the fibers on this product are not too breathable so I am in search of this very to try.


  2. This would be so ideal for someone like me who always sweats in their sleep and suffers from hot flashes due to illness. Nothing is worse than waking up feeling like you’ve just went for a swim and got back into the bed. They sheets sound lovely.


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