The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Twenty



More enchanting doors in our Ladies Room Door Art Series!  Above, this woman, whose name I don’t know, graces the ladies room door at the Baltimore County Historical Society. Thanks to reader Claire for taking this shot.

And thanks to Claire for this ancient door at Dimitri’s International Grille, Catonsville, Maryland. Claire reports that this Greek restaurant’s best seller is sauerbraten!


I snapped these inspiring words reflecting into the mirror at the ladies room at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Moma Mirror

This old sign hangs on a unisex door at a small Italian restaurant in Manhattan, whose name, sadly, I never took in.


Here’s a similar door sent by a friend of reader Miriam. Her friend found the door at an old-fashioned farm but reports seeing actual signs like this when she was a little girl. I recall my Mom handing me dimes to get into a stall. Anybody else remember the pay toilets of yesterday?


Although Cliff was under-impressed with the food at Charles de Gaulle Airport, I was delighted with this figure outside the ladies room.


And these shiny stall doors.

20151010_122516 (1)

From reader Carol, Roma’s Restaurant in Ocala, Florida.

FullSizeRender (7)

Reader Susan found this unisex kitty door on the FB page of the Mason de Moggy, Scotland’s only cafe for cats.


From Ken, who led our trip on the Moselle River, a unisex door in a trattoria near the Trevino Fountain in Rome.


And another unisex bathroom in Palazzo Massimo, Rome. Ken also sent me this link to some wacky toilets.


Reader Steff found this sign in Barcelona, Spain. I wrote back and asked where, exactly, in Barcelona she found it. She replied, “I was afraid you’d ask: The Museum of Erotica.” Ha! I’m not surprised. This is the boldest bathroom door I’ve yet to see!


Happy tinkling, everyone!


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  1. Love them all! And for readers wanting to know but afraid to ask, that Museum of Erotica in Barcelona was a bit interesting, but not really worth the money nor time given all other options of things to see and do in Barcelona. We were at day’s end of touring, passing by it, and thought “why not”? Great post Barb!

  2. Wow . . . Ocean City, Maryland! Haven’t thought about that place in ages. Got there as a college student with a friend looking for summer work (possibly a waitress on the Boardwalk – all the king crab legs we can eat 🙂 ?), and then reality set in. Not only was the hotel (motel?) we found ourselves at very far from par (haha) by Hilton/Marriott standards, but the wind was howling, the streets were deserted, and I felt so afraid. We were there way pre-season, as our university let out at the end of April, far before other school semesters ended). So, I put in a frenetic call to my parents at an Ocean City phone booth at an intersection of “Deserted St. and Deserted Ave.” (no cell phones back then) to let them know about our rather scary circumstances. My mother replied, “Oh, dear, we decided not to worry about you, as we can’t when you are traveling and away.” Okay, it wasn’t the response one would want from a parent. More about that later, when I finally write an article on anxiety!

      • No, we didn’t decide to work in Ocean City! We could have been hired for work at one of the restaurants if we had decided to stay another month and a half or so waiting for tourist season to begin! (Our school was the Univ. of Michigan, and usually this gave us a head start on job hunting, but for tourist areas, maybe too much of a head start!) So, instead we boarded one of the smallest planes I’ve ever been on in my life – 5 seats maybe? (I was certain it would be my last flight – literally, that the plane would definitely go down) to make our way to Washington, D.C. We were to meet my friend’s father at a place called “Watergate.” Watergate! It would only be a little while later and this building would become infamous! Who would have known!

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